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Princess Love and Ray J’s Daughter Mistakes Tupac for Her Father in Adorable Video

Princess Love’s daughter Melody thinks Tupac is her “da-da.” In a post uploaded to Instagram on Nov. 5, Princess shows how Melody mistakes the late legend for her father, who is actually Ray J.

The video starts with the 2-year-old leaning against her mother saying “da-da,” along with some unrecognizable baby language.

Princess Love
Ray J Norwood, Princess Love and their 2-year-old daughter Melody Love. (Photo: @princesslove/Instagram)

Princess reminds her daughter that “Daddy’s not here.”

She continues by saying, “You say where’s da da? Da-da’s in the phone. Say, ‘Hi, Da-da.’”

Looking at the phone, Melody begins to tap on the drawing of Tupac on her shirt.

Correcting her daughter, Princess says, “That’s not Da-da, that’s Tupac.”

Melody takes a second to look down at her shirt, and with a more assertive tone, she replies, “da-da, da-da.”

Before the 28-second video ends, Princess laughs and says, “That’s not Da-da.”

The mother of two captioned the video, “My baby thinks Tupac looks like her dada @rayj.”

Fans fell in love with the video and sent plenty of heart eyes and laughing emojis in the comments. Some even agreed on how Melody could mistake the Tupac drawing for her father.

One said, “Too cute ! Haha It could pass for RayJ on the shirt- I ain’t even mad at Melody haha!.”

Another wrote, “In her defense… if Ray tie a rag around his head he would look like that photo… Ray have those think eyebrows.”

Other fans just couldn’t get enough of Melody’s cuteness.

One typed, “So cute, with those long pony tails!”

“That baby is too cute,” someone else wrote.

Princess Love
Melody Love, Princess Love and Epik Ray. (Photo: @princesslove/Instagram)

Princess Love recently shared pictures of their son, Epik Ray Norwood, celebrating his first Halloween. In a photo posted on Oct. 31, Melody and her brother are playing with their toys while dressed as Wednesday and Pubert Addams from the Addams Family.

The caption of the photo reads, “Guess who.”

Melody is Princess Love and Ray J’s first child, whom they had in May 2018. The “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” couple became the parents of their son in December 2019.

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