‘I Was Completely Wrong for Pulling Her Chair’: Kenya Moore Takes Accountability for Feud with Kim Fields, but Viewers are Not Convinced 

 “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore is known for serving a full-helping of drama when it comes to her part on the popular Bravo franchises. Still, the star recently opened up about a time she may have taken her villain role too far with former cast mate Kim Fields

The legendary actress and “Living Single” star joined the housewives cast during season eight of the show, not to Moore’s pleasure. The 1993 Miss USA winner clashed with the former child star almost immediately, but during a recent sit down with “Broughchat,” the “Trois” star shared that in hindsight she regrets how she treated her former co-star. “I don’t like this cut. I wasn’t being very nice,” the 51-year-old admitted while watching the throwback clip.

?I Was Completely Wrong for Pulling Her Chair?: Kenya Moore Takes Accountability for Feud with Kim Fields, but Viewers are Not Convinced?
Kenya Moore (L) and Kim Fields (R). Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images, Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Essence

The video ends with Fields telling the former model, “You’re a piece of work.” After watching herself in action, Moore agreed with Fields, stating, “She’s right. I was disrespecting her space; I regret that I even pulled her chair ” before adding, “But I was just helping her see her way out, basically.” 

Seriously speaking, though, Moore ultimately admitted, “I was completely wrong for pulling her chair. It could’ve escalated, it could’ve gone somewhere else, and it just wasn’t the right thing to do.”

Still, in the post’s comment section, fans’ reactions appeared to be split. Many applauded the actress for taking responsibility for her actions, including one Instagram user who wrote, “Love Kenya taking accountability for that and remorse. Kenya is beautiful and is great for tv but that one less than shining moment for it.” 

Another person added, “I’m glad she realizes that she treated Kim poorly. If Tootie gets mad, you should know, you the problem.”

However, not everyone was convinced that Moore had entirely changed her ways. As one critic put it, “You can’t be too remorseful if you still being shady, smirking, and smiling while you’re explaining how remorseful you are…. Her lips are moving but her actions speak otherwise.”

Another unconvinced viewer noted, “A whole 8 years later, bye.” They added, “I can’t believe yall don’t see through her stunt to clean up her villain image this season. She knows out of everything she did, provoking and bullying Kim was the worst, and fans were put off by it.” 

Fields left the franchise after only one season. While talking about her experience during an appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show” last year, she clarified that she “wasn’t there to fit in” after the host questioned about her rocky tenure and her ability to mesh with the other ladies. 

“But I’m serious, girl, sometimes it’s nice to just have a new fresh energy to something and especially for that very powerful franchise,” she told host Wendy at the time. “And remember when I told you, I wasn’t there to fit in, probably one and done, because I had other sh-t to do and, you know, to keep it pushing. But yeah, girl, we ain’t there to fit in. We there to do us.”

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