‘Keri Hilson Deserves All Her Flowers’: Keri Hilson Fans Come to Her Defense After Tribute Sparks Debate About Her Music Contributions

Keri Hilson has a loyal fan base ensuring she is recognized for her undeniable musical talents. 

Last month, Hilson was awarded the Music and Songwriter Icon Award for her contributions to music at the 2022 Black Music Honors. Other honorees of the evening included Tevin Campbell, Mary Mary, Dru Hill, The Whispers, and Karyn White.

?Keri Hilson Deserves All Her Flowers?: Keri Hilson Fans Come to Her Defense After Tribute Sparks Debate About Her Music Contributions
Keri Hilson. (Photo: Kerihilson/Instagram)

During the tribute, singer Jade Novah performed Hilson’s most popular single, “Pretty Girls Rock.” Atlanta native Dondria also hit the stage to perform fan favorite “Turnin Me On.” For those who casually listen to Hilson’s music the tribute seemingly came out of left field, leaving many stupefied.

“A Keri Hilson WHAT,” wrote one person completely shocked by the tribute.


Another person made the snide comment of “Must’ve been a short tribute.” 

As the singer became a trending topic on social, her aforementioned fan base was quick to remind folks that Hilson has long track record of hits under her belt. The Decatur, Georgia, native rarely speaks about the chart-topping artists she has penned records for, but the list is long. From Justin Timberlake, Usher, Ludacris, Kelly Rowland, and Mary J. Blige to name a few.

“Keri Hilson deserves all her flowers…Gimme More-written by Keri for Britney…Like A Boy-written by Keri for Ciara…Take Me As I Am..for Mary J and the list goes on and on…Please put some respect on her name…”

“Keri Hilson may have only released 2 albums, but she’s written many hit songs for some of our favorite artists, and she’s been in the industry over 10 plus years. why not celebrate our black women in music?!?!?” wrote another fan.

Another person called out the lack of solidarity of those who downplayed Hilson’s achievement. “Y’all mad at Keri Hilson getting a tribute? What happened to supporting black women? Smh I hope Lil Mo gets a Lifetime Achievement Award next.”

From time to time Hilson makes mention on social media of working on new music. Hilson’s last studio album, “No Boys Allowed,” was released in 2010. For fans who have been waiting somewhat patiently for over a decade the drop can’t come soon enough.

“I want my fans to know that I am returning to music,” Hilson told Forbes earlier this year. “That is in my plan; that is my desire. It’s a deep desire, and there are things that I want to do in that base when that time feels right.”

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