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‘Steve Is Looking for Her Pants’: Fans Zoom In on Steve Harvey’s Expression After Marjorie Harvey’s Struts Her Stuff In This

Steve and Marjorie Harvey recently showcased that, from fans; perspectives, even the power couple falls short sometimes when it comes to fashion.

On July 6, in an Instagram video shared on Marjorie’s account, the 57-year-old was seen entering the room as she asked her husband if he was ready to take on the streets of Paris. The pair has been vacationing in France since the beginning of this week.

Steve Is Looking for Her Pants': Fans Zoom In on Steve Harvey's Expression After Marjorie Harvey's Struts Her Stuff In This
Marjorie Harvey’s fashion post derails once fans zoom in on Steve Harvey’s reaction to his wife’s attire. Photo:@marjorieharvey/Instagram

In the clip, Marjorie is seen sporting a short Versace blazer dress with gold high heels as she says, “you ready?” As the “Family Feud” host stares at his wife, she repeats the phrase to Steve, “Are you ready?” Steve then responds, “Yeah, I’m ready.”

The recording continues with Marjorie complimenting the 65-year-old and asking him for a kiss. She said, while laughing, “You already got it. Give me a kiss.” As the couple embraces, Marjorie suggests that they head out, and the video ends with them leaving what appears to be their hotel room. 

In addition to the recording, Marjorie captioned the upload, “Steve and Marjorie.” When Marjorie’s video circulated online, many pointed out how short the star’s dress was. A handful of fans claimed that Steve also took notice but didn’t say anything.

“Nah he looking like, you wearing that?”

“Go back Marjorie and put on your skirt! You forgot it. Even Steve wondered, but too afraid to say so.”

“Uncle looking like where is the rest?”

“Now she know damn well she to damn old to have that short s–t on. Steve looking but he too damn scared to say anything. Lmao.”

 “Steve is looking for her pants.”

Among the previous responses, others brought up Marjorie’s toned legs. While bringing up her ageless appearance, one wrote, “This woman refuses to age, and I’m here for it! It’s the legs for me. Scratch that it’s everything!”

Another said, “I gotta do whatever it takes to get Marjorie’s legs. I’m gonna be squatting and doing Pilates even while I’m in the shower.” A third person wrote, “Baby!!!!! If my legs look something like that at 57, just call me Black Stallion!!!!!! Yes, I love it.”

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