‘You Should Get Those Legs Insured’: Marjorie Harvey’s Family Photo Has Fans Zooming In on Her Legs 

“Blessed beyond measure” are the words Marjorie Harvey used to define how she felt during her trip to the United Arab Emirates.

The 57-year-old, who is currently in Abu Dhabi, appeared to be enjoying the sights during an outing with her family.

?You Should Get Those Legs Insured?: Marjorie Harvey?s Family Photo Has Fans Zooming In on Her Legs?
Marjorie Harvey’s family photo derails when fans zero in on her toned legs. Photo:@marjorie_harvey/Instagram

In the Instagram post shared on May 10, Marjorie was all smiles as she posed alongside her husband, Steve Harvey, her stepsons Wynton and Broderick Harvey and her children Jason and Lori Harvey. 

As many viewed the upload, fans were immediately entranced by Marjorie’s toned legs. An individual went as far as to suggest that she get them insured. Celebrities who insured their legs in the past have included Mariah Carey and Rihanna.

“Marjorie girl you should get those legs insured they are absolutely beautiful you do have very nice legs!!!!”

“Legs for days.”

“Leg card never declines.”

“Yessssss Auntie’s LEGS!!! BLESSED.”

In addition to the leg remarks, one social media user raved over Marjorie’s youthful appearance. While mentioning that Steve was a lucky man, that person said, “Miss Marjorie, you look so amazing! Defying Age every step you take and every breath you take. An absolute gorgeous woman. Steve Harvey is one Lucky dude.”

Marjorie’s family photo comes days after Steve declared how much he loved his wife. On May 5, the “Family Feud” host shared a throwback clip from the eighth-annual Hoodie Awards, which took place in 2010.

In the recording, Steve jokingly said that his love for Marjorie ran so deep that he would “kill everybody” at the event. “I just had a moment,” he said. “That’s me and my wife’s song too. I met her in ’86, ’87 when the song came out, and God gave her back to me in 2005. I put her name in the back, man. Do you understand me.”

He added, “That’s mine right there. I own you and you own me. I will kill everybody in here about your a–. Please understand that about the way I love you, Marjorie Elaine. You understand me I’ll kill everybody in here. I swear to God I will. You can ask the Lord about me.”

Steve and Marjorie Harvey have been married since 2007.

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