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‘Unintentional Shot of Ignorance’: Steve Harvey Opens Up About Viral Moments on ‘Family Feud’

Longtime television host Steve Harvey is spilling the deets on achieving the ultimate “Family Feud” moment. 

While talking to People ahead of the newest episode of “Celebrity Family Feud” featuring the casts of “Abbott Elementary” and HBO’s “Hacks,” the 65-year-old Hollywood veteran shared precisely what it takes to get those hilarious bits. 

Unintentional Shot of Ignorance': Steve Harvey Opens Up About Viral Moments on ?Family Feud?
LAS VEGAS, NV – JULY 22: Television personality and host Steve Harvey speaks at the State Farm Color Full Lives Art Gallery during the 2016 State Farm Neighborhood Awards at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on July 22, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Nu-Opp, Inc)

“Pure, high-level, unintentional ignorance,” the entertainment maven revealed. “That’s what it is.” Harvey told reporters, “You’re going to go viral if you give me that high-level unintentional shot of ignorance. But every viral moment that’s ever happened on the show — I knew it, I recognized it. I tell people all the time: ‘You’re going to be on YouTube.’ I know the moments.”

Harvey also shared that he tries to make every side-splitting moment as organic as possible, revealing, “I don’t know the questions until I get out there.” He continued, “I have no way of knowing what you’re going to say, so it’s very much ‘I’m playing the game along with you — except I’m keenly aware of what I don’t think is on that board.”

The Miss Universe competition host claimed, “You can give me an answer, and I’ll say, ‘Well, let’s see if it’s up there,’ and then you can give me an answer, and I don’t even have to turn. I know it’s an ‘X.'”

Harvey gushed about “the moments I wait for,” which typically include harmless failure and misplaced confidence, noting, “The answer that’s up there is not going to go viral. It’s the one that is not up there that’s going to go viral.”

The legendary funnyman took on hosting duties for the iconic game show in September 2010 and currently holds the record for the longest tenure. A decade later, he achieved his longtime dream of bringing the series to Africa. While talking to Deadline in 2021, Harvey shared goals for “this show to lead to multiple media and business projects in and throughout the continent.”

The entertainer has enjoyed the opportunity to share the series with a more extensive fan base, noting that he saw no difference between his U.S. and African audience. “I don’t see no difference because you are African, and I’m African-American. Everything that we are in America we got from you,” he said. 

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