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‘People Always Want to Cheat Me’: 50 Cent Brings Up 2004 Grammy Snub as ‘In Da Club’ Music Video Reaches 1 Billion Views on YouTube

50 Cent is proof that not all wounds heal with time.

Almost two decades ago, 50 launched his career with one of the biggest records in rap history: “In Da Club.” The Dr. Dre-produced hit was unsurprisingly a club favorite, and since has become somewhat of a celebration anthem played at countless birthday bashes.

?People Always Want to Cheat Me?: 50 Cent Brings Up 2004 Grammy Snub as ?In Da Club? Music Video Reaches 1 Billion Views on YouTube
50 Cent is still harping over his 2004 Grammy snub. Photo: 50cent/Instagram

At the 2004 Grammys, 50, born Curtis Jackson, was nominated in five categories, including twice for “In Da Club,” and best new artist. Fellow new artist nominees included Fountains of Wayne, Heather Headley, Sean Paul and Evanescence. The latter, a rock band, ultimately took home the coveted Grammy. In the past, 50 has expressed his disappointment in losing. Some would even argue his loss is one of the biggest Grammy snubs in hip-hop.

Now, years later, 50 is still stewing over his loss. In an Instagram post acknowledging that the music video for “In Da Club” has reached one billion YouTube views, he made sure to make mention of being snubbed. “Still no best new artist. I don’t know why people always want to cheat me. They are counting from 2009, that song came out in 2003. Damn it man,” he wrote. In the comments, his fans reminded him that even without the accolades his G.O.A.T. status is undeniable in their books.

“Easier for them to cheat and lie on you than tell the truth and acknowledge you’ve been winning #WinnersCircle,” wrote “Power Book II: Ghost” director Elf Rivera.

“You are the face of HIP HOP no cap,” wrote another.

Another commented, “Give the king his crown already, 50 cent already completed the rap and acting game and producing game give this man his crown by Monday.”

To date, 50 has been nominated for 14 Grammys. He won his first, and only, in 2010 for “Crack a Bottle” with his mentor Eminem. Outside of music he has found success in television with his “Power” series and its subsequent spinoffs on Starz.

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