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‘The First Person to Ever Get Under Omarion Skin’: 5 Craziest Moments from ‘Verzuz’ Featuring Mario and Omarion and Pre-show Featuring Ray J, Bobby V, Pleasure P and Sammie

The “Verzuz” battle between 2000’s R&B heartthrobs Omarion and Mario took place Thursday night, June 23, and it was nothing like fans had experienced at previous events. The live event was packed with performances, surprise musical guests and watermelon.

In addition, fans of the musical competition also were treated to a pre-show that found fellow singers Ray J and Bobby V going head-to-head against Pleasure P and industry veteran Sammie in a chaotic clash of egos to the background of some of music’s most extensive R&B records. Continue reading below for the recap.   


The First Person to Ever Get Under Omarion Skin': 5 Craziest Moments from 'Verzuz' Featuring Mario and Omarion and Pre-show Featuring Ray J, Bobby V, Pleasure P and Sammie
CANCUN, MEXICO – MARCH 9: (U.S. TABS OUT) Singers Mario (L) and Omarion pose for a photo backstage during a taping for MTV Spring Break on the beach at The City nightclub March 9, 2005 in Cancun, Mexico. (Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images)

Sammie, Pleasure P and Bobby V taunt Ray J with his own song after singer struggles 

At one point during the meme-worthy night, Ray J struggled to belt out the words to his hit 2005 single “One Wish.” However, his opponents Sammie, Pleasure P and Bobby V were not too far away to assist him, whether he wanted them or not. The “Sexy Can I” singer told the trio they were “just mad y’all don’t own y’all hits.”  

Sammie and Ray J’s ego attend “Verzuz” 

Sammie and Ray J equally have found success since breaking into the music industry during their respective eras. However, the two men spared no moment to remind each other of their accomplishments throughout the night. Ultimately the “I Like It” singer declared that there “wouldn’t be no Bobby V without Sammie” and repeatedly referred to Ray J as “Brandy’s brother.” 

Mario gets under “unbothered” Omarion’s skin 

Mario was not in the mood for the various guests Omarion had with him, which included Jeremih, Tank and Tommy the Clown and the Krumpers. The “Just a Friend 2002” singer didn’t shy away from airing out his frustrations, often telling his guests not to try to sing for fear they’ll embarrass themselves. At one point, the singer brought out B2K look-alikes who performed Omarion’s viral dance.  

Omarion attempted to clown Mario for not being on the Millennium Tour, but the singer said he didn’t “wanna be in that raggedy sh-t.”   

Omarion and little brother O’Ryan get close with watermelon 

In a moment that probably stunned viewers the most, “Omelon,” formerly known as Omarion, invited his little brother and fellow singer O’Ryan on stage to seduce a wedge watermelon. At the same time, he performed the 2009 classic “Bria’s Interlude” from Drake’s critically acclaimed 2009 project “So Far Gone.” The singer shouted out women with “good PH balance” before sharing his fruit with audience members.

Jeremih delivers roses and subpar vocals 

Background dancers weren’t the only ones joining former B2K member Omarion on stage. Aside from his little brother O’Ryan and the wedges of watermelon, the “Icebox” singer was accompanied by singer-songwriter Jeremih who assisted the singer in a duet of their record “Show Me.” The vocal ability wasn’t all there — as highlighted by Mario — but several female fans in the audience were gifted roses by the “Birthday Sex” singer, seemingly to make up for the lackluster performance. 

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