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‘He Straight Two Pieced You’: Ciara’s Video with Son Win Took a Turn After the Toddler Did This 

Ciara took to Instagram on June 22 to inform her followers about the few surprises motherhood brings.

One particular instance occurred in a video the singer shared on her account featuring her youngest son, Win Harrison Wilson.

?He Straight Two Pieced You?: Ciara?s Video with Son Win Took a Turn After the Toddler Did This?
Ciara creates a video with her youngest child, Win Harrison Wilson. Photo:@ciara/Instagram

In the post, Ciara instructed the 1-year-old to do specific facial expressions. She started the video by telling Win to “show me your surprise face.” The toddler complied by putting his hands on his cheeks and opening his mouth. 

When asked to show his “sad face,” Win displayed his best pout. As the video continued, the “Level Up” vocalist told Win to showcase his “mad face.” Win responded by crossing his arms and lowering his eyebrows.

Toward the end of the clip, Ciara asked Win to make a “happy face” and “monster” impression. Win obliged the commands by smiling and roaring alongside his mother. As the video came to a close, Ciara kissed her son and expressed how much she loved him before the tot accidentally hit her in the face. 

In addition to the post, Ciara wrote in the caption,”Pure Joy..Sometimes us mamas get knocked out.” As fans viewed the upload, many brought up Win’s accidental punch. 

“That’s EXACTLY what I was about to comment on!! He straight two pieced you!!!” 

“Noooo, not the two-piece Win knock-out in the end but that was cute though lol.”

“Soo cute! I’ve been knocked out a few times.”

“Mama musta said knock you out.”

“That was such a momma moment. Stay getting decked in the face, but it’s always love.”

Among the previous comments, others mentioned how strongly Win resembled his father, Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson. One wrote, “The only face I saw the whole time was Russell’s.” Another said, “He has Russ whole face, though. He is such a happy baby.”

A third Instagram user wrote, “He took Russ whole face lol.”

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