‘It’s Him Crossing His Arms for Me’: Ciara’s Video of Her Youngest Son Win Throwing a Fit Left Fans In Shambles

Over the last year and a half, Ciara has documented every milestone her youngest son Win Wilson has accomplished, including his first words and steps. On March 24, the singer continued the routine by uploading a clip of the toddler catching an attitude with her and his sister Sienna Wilson. 

In the Instagram post, the trio were seen going to an undisclosed location when Win began having a fit. The video started with Ciara asking the 1-year-old why he was upset. She said, “Win, why you mad, huh?” 

Ciara shares a video of her youngest son Win Wilson catching an attitude with the singer and his sister Sienna Wilson. @ciara/Instagram

The recording continues with a pouty Win placing his feet on Sienna. As Ciara instructs Win to “be nice,” her daughter Sienna pushes his feet and says, “don’t put your shoe here.” When the “Level Up” vocalist tried to mediate the situation, Win then attempted to pull one of Sienna’s pigtails. 

She says, “Win, don’t grab her hair. No, no, that’s not nice.” The video wraps up with Win, who is pouting and crossing his arms, quickly shifting his mood and smiling as he says the word, “mama.”

Alongside the video, Ciara expressed in the caption that her son will make it apparent when he’s upset. She wrote, “The attitude I have to deal with now. Wins gonna let you know he’s mad.”

As Ciara’s post circulated online, many mentioned Win’s gestures and the swift change in his attitude. An individual went as far as to compare him to the sour patch kid candy slogan.

“Hilarious he went from one mood to the next LOL. ‘First they’re sour then they’re sweet.’” 

“Then he gone smile and say mama. That’s how they get you to melt.”

“Look at his little frown on his little face.”

“It’s him crossing his arms for me.”

 “Not the pouty lips too cute.”

In addition to the remarks about Win, others brought up Ciara’s daughter Sienna’s reaction to the entire ordeal. One wrote, “SiSi looked like she was about to give him the business if he touched her one mo’ time.”

Another said, “’Don’t put your shoe here’ Lil mama was not having it!” A third person stated, “Wait he’s not even in terrible twos yet right? Sisi was like don’t even try it with me.”

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