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‘He Want Him Outta Hereeee’: Kimora Lee Simmons’ Son Kenzo Lee Checks Older Sister Aoki Lee Simmons After Posting Photo with Boyfriend

Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons’ daughter Aoki Lee Simmons has a new boyfriend, and not everyone in her family is ecstatic about it. 

The 19-year-old disclosed the news on Instagram on June 21 by sharing an image featuring what appears to be her legs on an unidentified male. She captioned the post, “no face no?!” To make matters worse, a short time later, Aoki revealed in another upload that her 13-year-old brother Kenzo Lee Hounsou disapproved of her new beau. 

?He Want Him Outta Hereeee?: Kimora Lee Simmons' Son Kenzo Lee Checks Older Sister Aoki Lee Simmons After Posting Photo?with Boyfriend
Aoki Lee Simmons’ brother Kenzo Lee checks the 19-year-old after she shared a photo with her boyfriend. @aokileesimmons/Instagram

Kenzo Lee is the son of Kimora Lee Simmons and actor Djimon Hounsou. In the post, Aoki Lee shared a screenshot of her conversation with Kenzo Lee after posting her boyfriend.

The text showcased Kenzo Lee questioning his older sister about the photo. He said, “What is this?” Aoki Lee responded, “My boyfriend.” Things took a massive turn after Kenzo Lee stated that he would smack Aoki Lee’s boyfriend “with maximum efficiency.” He wrote, “I’ll smack him with maximum efficiency.” 

Alongside the post, Aoki Lee explained in the caption that her little brother feels big because of his 6-foot stature. She said, “Kenzo lee everybody (he’s 13 but I guess he feels all big cause he’s 6ft).”

As fans viewed Aoki Lee’s upload, many brought up that Kenzo Lee’s word choice showed that he meant business. A couple of individuals even discussed how intense the slap would be. 

“Not with maximum efficiency. He want him outta hereeee.”

 “Kenzo is having NONE of it!”

“Maximum efficiency. He means business.”

“Not maximum efficiency..that sounds painful & precise lol.”

“That slap sound next level.”

Among the previous remarks, others pointed out that Kenzo Lee’s protective nature over his sister Aoki Lee is a common dynamic between siblings, especially brothers. One wrote, “Little brothers always think they’re the big ones.”

Another said, “It don’t matter if the brother is older or younger than you, brothers gon have that energy lmao love & can’t stand mine at the same time.” A third person stated, “This energy is real!! The role of a brother for sure!!!”

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