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‘Who Had the Short Hair Game on Lock?’: Battle of the ’90s Pixie Cut Trends on Twitter, Halle Berry Responds

A bit of hair conversation sparked on Twitter when a tweet was posted that asked, “Who had the short hair game on lock?” The tweet was accompanied by four photos that showed Nia Long, Toni Braxton, Halle Berry and Monica with their short-cut styles in the ’90s. 

The tweet received over 5,000 comments and over 1,000 quote tweets, however, there was one particular quote-tweet that stood out from the rest.

Halle Berry. Photo: @halleberry/Instagram

The “Monster’s Ball” Academy Award winner herself, Halle Berry, decided to step in the chat and give her answer to the Twitter question. The actress wrote, “All of us [blush emoji.]” And not too long afterward, the creator of the tweet responded, “Absolutely right.”

Fans of the actress began filling up her Twitter mentions with photos of their own family members who also rocked the popular short hairstyle back in the day. One fan said, “My mama saw Boomerang and went to the salon with ya picture!”

Another fan shared, “I definitely molded my pixie cut after yours!”

Pixie cuts were one of the styles that had a hold on Black culture in the ’90s. Its timeless look inspired many women of color to try it out and rock it. Whether it was Laura Winslow in “Family Matters” or Peaches in “Low Down Dirty Shame,” there was no doubt that pixie cuts were a style that heavily influenced the beauty industry. 

Although we may not see it as much today in media, the style still has an imprint on Black culture and on celebrities. Rihanna rocked the pixie cut in 2007, to go along with her “Good Girl Gone Bad” era image. Lupita Nyong’o also has been one to grace the public with her pixie cut in 2014. And who can forget Zoe Kravitz showcasing her pixie cut in the recent “The Batman” release as she portrayed Catwoman

The trendy hairstyle is an innovative expression and is the blueprint for challenging normal beauty standards. 

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