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‘I Know Zendaya Is Tired of Yall’: Zendaya Ostensibly Slams Pregnancy Rumors with a Simple Post

Zendaya recently went on Instagram to shut down rumors surrounding her being pregnant. The actress has been a trending topic on Twitter for the past couple of days after a rumor broke out that suggested she was with child.

One tweet said, “Waitttt Zendaya is  actually pregnant?!” Another tweet read, “First Rihanna, now Zendaya too is pregnant…].”

Pictured: @zendaya/Instagram

According to Complex, a TikTok prank contributed to the start of the pregnancy rumors. The TikTok prank featured a fake post on “Zendaya’s” Instagram page that showcased a false ultrasound along with a made up caption. 

Just a few weeks ago the actress was trending on Twitter yet again due to a video of a woman getting hit going viral. Fans joked and linked the woman to Zendaya because they shared similar facial features and they both had curly hair. 

The “Euphoria” star posted two Instagram Stories Wednesday afternoon that appeared to be in response to Twitter’s false claims

In one story she wrote, “See now, this is why I stay off Twitter… Just Making stuff up for no reason..weekly.” In which she followed after with a post that said, “Anyway back to filming [tennis ball emoji] Challengers.”

Fans of the actress went onto Twitter to charge back at the folks who were spreading the false news. 

One fan tweeted, “I know Zendaya is tired of yall… Lmao. First y’all lied and said she got beat up now y’all believe a random girl on TikTok saying she pregnant [crying emojis] let my sis live d–m.” And another tweet read, “I hate every single one of you for making Zendaya sad. LEAVE HER ALONE.” 

One more fan tweeted, “Guys PLEASE leave Zendaya alone and don’t spread rumors.” 

While the Emmy Award-winning actress didn’t blatantly say whether her posts were addressing the recent rumors that surrounded, people can imply what situations she was referring to. 

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