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‘The Chemistry Between You Two is Undeniable’: LeToya Luckett Reconnects with Ex Slim Thug, Fans Root for Them to Get Back Together After They Reflect on Their Relationship

Former “Destiny’s Child” member LeToya Luckett launched her new show, “Leave It To LeToya” June 14 on her YouTube Channel. Her first episode was titled, “Having a Conversation with My Ex,” in which she invited her ex, Texas native and rapper Slim Thug, on the show, where the pair answered questions about their past relationship. 

The questions, which appeared in graphics on-screen, started off easy with ones such as, “How did the two of you meet?” They both explained how Slim Thug noticed her at a club and one of his friends came over to try to see if LeToya would go over to talk to the young rapper. 

The Chemistry Between You Two is Undeniable': LeToya Luckett Reconnects with Ex Slim Thug, Fans Root for Them to Get Back Together After They Reflect on Their Relationship
Slim Thug and LeToya Luckett reconnect on singer’s new show. “Leave It Up to LeToya”/ YouTube.

She agreed and the pair exchanged phone numbers, however, according to Slim Thug, LeToya “hung up” on him when he tried calling her on her birthday. A few weeks passed and the two ran into each other again at another club. The rapper joked, “She just kept walking past me like five or six times.” And that was where the sparks began. 

When asked what the two liked about each other, LeToya explained that she loved Slim Thug’s confidence. She said, “He’s not shy when it comes to his artistry and his creativity. He’s a star when he walks in.” She continued, “It’s a light on him when he walks in any room. It’s attractive.”

Seemingly blushing, Slim Thug thanked her and then said, “She got drip; she’s always dressed like she’s going somewhere fancy.” He didn’t stop there; he noted how her personality was a surprise to him. The “Still Tippin'” feature rapper said, “I didn’t know she was that funny. When I got to know her more, what I liked about her was the friendship.” 

As the video continued, the questions became a little less surface level and a little more in-depth. When asked why the relationship ended, LeToya said, “Although his heart was ready for all that, his environment didn’t align.” Slim Thug agreed and even shared that he “takes responsibility for being the person who messed up.”

The video ended positively with both LeToya and Slim Thug reiterating their friendship. When asked if the two would ever double back into a relationship with the other, Slim Thug responded, “We’re friends right now; let’s see what we grow.” The singer concurred with, “What he said.”

Fans of the singer left no time to swarm her YouTube comments. One fan said, “I loved this entire conversation. You two are very much connected on a good vibrational level. If nothing else, continue to nourish and cultivate your relationship. Praying for you two. [red heart emoji, prayer hands emoji].” 

Another comment read, “Loved everything about this. You can feel the love and mutual respect you guys have for each other. You guys’ foundation is solid AF [heart eyes].”

There were many fans that were wanting them to get back together.

“This was a great episode! The chemistry between you two is undeniable! To answer your question, yes I believe Ex’s can remain friends.”

“I’m rooting for you two. I think yall can make this happen!”

LeToya and Slim Thug began dating in 2000, each both then 20 years old, and they had a very on-again, off-again relationship. The two even revealed in the YouTube video that they were engaged at one point back in the day. After 10 years of back and forth, they both decided to officially end things and go their separate ways.

LeToya ended up marrying entrepreneur Rob Hillman in 2016, however, the couple divorced that same year due to their “growing apart.” In 2017, she married businessman Tommicus Walker, but the two called it quits last year due to cheating allegations. They share two kids together. Although Slim Thug never married, he has three children. 

LeToya and Thug share a lot of history together. Even if they aren’t a couple, the YouTube video clearly showed they have a foundation of friendship.

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