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‘Rasheeda Mind Her Own Business and Here Y’all Come’: Fans Defend Rasheeda After Tweet Compares the Rapper to Ciara and Lori Harvey In Regards to Relationships  

Rasheeda Frost, Ciara and Lori Harvey all became a topic of discussion recently after a Twitter users compared the trio’s stance regarding relationships.

Although Lori is currently single following her split from Michael B. Jordan after she reportedly didn’t want to settle down, both Ciara and Rasheeda are married. Ciara is married to Russell Wilson, while Rasheeda is married to Kirk Frost.

Rasheeda Frost, Lori Harvey, Ciara
(L-R): Lori Harvey Ciara and Rasheeda Frost (Photo:@loriharvey/Instagram Photo:@ciara/Instagram and Photo:@rasheeda/Instagram)

The Twitter user named @big_juenergy wrote on June 9 that she aspired to be like Lori or Ciara when it comes to having a union with a potential suitor but not like Rasheeda. That person said, “I can be Lori or Ciara but I will NOT be Rasheeda.”

The reason behind that individual’s tweet was because Rasheeda’s husband Kirk has publicly cheated on the rapper in the past and welcomed a child with another woman. As for Ciara, she and Russell appear to have a picture-perfect relationship from the numerous posts they share on social media. At the same time, Lori has showcased that it is okay to date accordingly and leave if the relationship is no longer going in the direction both of those involved would prefer.

As the post began making its rounds to social media blog sites, including Hollywood Unlocked, many defended Rasheeda.

“The person writing is disrespectful and there will come a day where she’ll wish to be 10% of a Rasheeda. Take a seat, Little Girl.”

“Rasheeda don’t bother nobody, let her sell her clothes in PEACE!”

“Rasheeda minds her own business and here y’all come. If she likes it, then I love it. The only cool character on that show.”

“Rasheeda stays in her lane y’all do the same.”

Among the previous remarks, others mentioned how the comparison between the three women was unnecessary.

One wrote, “These women all had different circumstances and did what was best for them and their business. You can’t compare a relationship with a 25-year-old woman with no strings or a woman who realized the relationship she was in wasn’t what she wanted. This type of comparison is what needs to stop.”

Another said, “Yeeaaaahhhh at the point this joke is just not necessary. I’m sure this is rooted in the fact that people want so much better for such a beautiful woman but this is not how you do it.”

As Rasheeda caught wind of the viral tweet, she hopped into Hollywood Unlocked’s comments section and sent well-wishes to everyone. She said, “I think the main thing is……Everyone should focus on self…. Blessings!!!!”

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