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‘Man Palm That Apple’: Russell Wilson’s Sweet Surprise for Ciara Has Fans Focusing on His Hands 

Russell Wilson and Ciara continue to give fans reasons to root for their love.

The celebrity couple wouldn’t be considered strangers to sharing their displays of affection with their millions of followers across social media, and things were no different on June 10. The Denver Broncos quarterback proved again why he is the jock who won over Ciara, despite being drastically different from guys she’s dated in the past.

?Man Palm That Apple?: Russell Wilson?s Sweet Surprise for Ciara Has Fans Focusing on His Hands?
Russell Wilson and Ciara Photo: Dangerrusswilson/Instagram

In a minute-long video shared to IG, Wilson, with a beautiful bouquet in hand, is seen surprising the “Body Party” singer as she exits a building. Not expecting to see her husband lurking around the corner, a stunned Ciara squeals ”Oh my gosh! What are you doing here?!” before jumping into his arms. The post amassed thousands of likes and comments from fans.

“Man palm that apple,” and “He missed them cheeks babyyy you hear me,” wrote zealous social media users, who peeped Wilson’s hands finding their way to his wife’s backside. 

“The jump in his arms was theee best,” commented another person. 

“Her reaction is everything,” gushed another.

As swoon worthy as the post was, it also served clap-back vibes as Wilson casually offered a response to former NFL linebacker Channing Crowder calling him a square in the past. “Stay squared up my friends,” he wrote as the caption.

In response, a fan commented, “The shade in this caption tho…love it!”

“Flex that s—t I love it,” and “I know that’s right! You’re a REAL example of a man, husband and father,” commented two different users. 

In an April episode of “The Pivot” podcast, Crowder said the former Seattle Seahawks quarterback was lame and that he only stood a chance with Ciara because of his celebrity status, financial fortune, and because Ciara had already had the pick of the litter when it came to Mr. Wrong.

“Russell and Ciara. Yeah, if Russell ain’t have that bread, Ciara ain’t going to be with him,” Crowder said during the episode. “Russell’s square, Russell’s square, Russell’s square, Ciara she has a good situation, but you don’t leave Future and get with Russell Wilson.”

By June, Crowder had walked back some of his comments, but only those that he felt were out of line. ”Bringing up Ciara, bringing up the man’s family, I’ll take that back,” Crowder said, while appearing on ”The Breakfast Club” with his Pivot co-hosts. “I don’t know why so many people were mad at my opinion of Russell Wilson is a square and a lame. I didn’t call him an alcoholic. I didn’t call him a deadbeat dad. I didn’t call him a pedophile. I called him lame!”

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