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‘This Feels a Little Shady with the Caption’: Toni Braxton and Sisters Trina and Towanda Link Up and Fans Suspect That They are Not Getting Along with Tamar, Towanda Reacts 

“Shady…shady…shady” is one of the comments a fan used to describe Trina Braxton‘s recent post with her sisters Toni Braxton and Towanda Braxton as they spent some quality time together.

In the upload, Trina’s caption, which mentioned how well the sisters were getting along, led many to believe that the trio may be at odds with Tamar Braxton. The reason behind the assumption was because the “Love and War” singer wasn’t in attendance when her sisters hung out. Tamar is currently on the R&B Music Experience tour with Keith Sweat and other acts.

?This Feels a Little Shady with the Caption?: Toni Braxton and Sisters Trina and Towanda Link Up and Fans Suspect That They are Not Getting Along with Tamar, Towanda Reacts?
Trina Braxton’s fans assume the reality star was throwing shade at Tamar Braxton after she uploaded a post with a photo that included Toni Braxton, Towanda Braxton and herself. Photo:@trinabraxton1/Instagram

Trina’s caption read, “The get along gang @itowandabraxton and @tonibraxton I love you guys!! #hummingbird.” As fans viewed the upload, many individuals called out Trina for writing a caption they deemed inappropriate. 

One individual went as far as to point out that — “shady and messy” caption or not — Trina and her sisters are still grieving the loss of their sister Traci Braxton. Traci passed away at 50 on March 12 after succumbing to her battle with esophageal cancer.

“This feels a little shady with the caption especially since Tamar isn’t in the picture.”

“Shady and messy hurt people – hurt people! Sending Prayers, healing and blessings to ALL the Braxton girls. RIL Traci.”


“I hope you ain’t shading Tamar .. cuz this seems hella shady.”

Following the backlash, Towanda took to the comments section to defend Trina. She disclosed how shameful it is that people decided to spin the simple post into a “negative narrative.”

While informing Trina’s followers that their family is still healing, Towanda wrote, “It’s such a shame that these negative, low vibration individuals find the need to find wrong in this post. We are in fact in the space of healing and yet they find the need to call it shade for posting three of us together.”

She added, “The integrity of their lives are in question. All because it’s three of us… not understanding the circumstances but yet, find the need to create a negative narrative. Be blessed people while we are here loving on each other and embracing the precious time we have together.”

Although the post may not have been directed toward Tamar, neither Trina, Towanda nor Toni follow her on social media. Tamar hasn’t followed her family on social media since 2020, after she accused them of faking their reactions to her purported suicide. 

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