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‘It’s Unfair’: Trina, Towanda and Traci Respond to Tamar Unfollowing Them and Accusing Them of Faking Their Reactions to Her Alleged Suicide Attempt

Three of the Braxton sisters are speaking out about Tamar Braxton’s claim that they staged their reactions after finding out about her purported July 16 suicide attempt. On Friday, Oct. 30, Trina, Towanda, and Traci Braxton sat down with TV host Claudia Jordan on her show “Out Loud with Claudia Jordan” to discuss the drama surrounding their sister Tamar.

After discussing how they initially felt when finding out about the supposed suicide attempt, Jordan asked the sisters what they thought about Tamar saying that the alleged incident was being used as a storyline for the show.

(From left) Claudia Jordan, Traci Braxton, Trina Braxton and Towanda Braxton. (Photo: Fox Soul screenshot)

Trina began at the 35:58 mark, “I’m going to say this very blatantly and very honestly. During season 7 of Braxton Family Values we do not talk about Tamar’s physical or mental health. We talk about how it affected us but we do not physically address Tamar’s hurt, pain, or experience.”

She later added, “All we want is for our sister to have peace and health and well-being and, of course, our nephew Logan.”

Jordan proceeded to give her own opinions about the situation. She believed it would be “fake” for the family to not address Tamar’s situation since she is their sister.

She then asked the sisters how they felt about Tamar accusing them of re-enacting their reactions after finding out about Tamar’s reported self-harm attempt.

With a confused look on her face, Towanda retorts, “Staged? What was staged though?”

After Jordan specified what she meant, Towanda replied, “Well it was merely a question. That’s the same question that you’re asking us. It was a question that the producers asked us, ‘Hey how did you feel when this happened’, ‘How did you feel when you found out about it.’ So it’s not really re-enacting that, it’s about expressing and answering the question of how we felt and what we experienced when we found out about it. It was just a question, it wasn’t a re-enactment.”

Expanding on Towanda’s remarks, Trina said, “I think it’s supremely unfair to attack us as a family to continue to work and to get ostracized for it because we didn’t have the same experience that she did, and it’s unfair because we did not speak in any way, shape, or form about Tamar and her situation. We did not make that 911 call. We did not say anything to the media in regards to Tamar’s situation. We did not openly say anything about what’s happening with Tamar’s situation except for the fact that we love her and we are here for her and we are in her corner and yet we are the ones that are being ostracized when we are not the ones who are openly putting things in the media, it’s completely unfair.”

Traci nodded in agreement and replied, “It is.”

tamar braxton
(Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

Tamar accused her family on Oct. 21 of staging their reactions after a trailer for season 7 of “BFV” was released. Tamar tweeted, “After waking up to that disgusting trailer… F— @wetv and whomever else is participating in using my pain for their pleasure and ratings. Don’t miss my exclusive TELL ALL on my girl @tamronhall show next week‼️… at some point, this abuse HAS to STOP‼️‼️”

Later, a viewer of the teaser tweeted, “Wait!!!!! WeTv was recording BFV when Tamar was going through it and they still used it for ratings after she voiced her issues with them? This is crazy because I just saw it and WOW!”

Retweeting and responding to this tweet, Tamar wrote, “No pumpkin they wasn’t. it’s ALL re staged for tv. And that’s my fckn issue. Remember @wetv said we have parted ways in August. I am no longer employed by them and they are STILL using me and my hurt to make a coin. What show talks about old cast members?”

It was later revealed that Tamar unfollowed all of her sisters and her mother on Instagram.

The new season of “Braxton Family Values” premieres on Nov. 5.

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