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‘Do We Need to Pull Up’: Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s Daughter Kaavia James’ Story of When She Wasn’t Allowed to Play Has Her Internet Aunties Defending the Toddler

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s daughter Kaavia James Union Wade had her social media aunties riled up on June 7 after the toddler shared a time she wasn’t allowed to play.

Although details surrounding the event are scarce, Kaavia James did, however, recount what happened during a conversation with her mother.

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s daughter Kaavia James shares an incident that occurred during playtime. Photo:@kaaviajames/Instagram

While mentioning an unidentified boy, she told Union, “he said no!” When the actress asked her for more information by saying, “But what did you ask them?” Kaavia James mentioned a different child. The 3-year-old said, “and she said, nope!”

She wrapped up the video by explaining that her father tried to tame the situation by asking the unidentified children to make some space for the tot. Still, when the children met Wade with resistance, he placed one of the individuals in time out. 

Kaavia James said, “Daddy say can you give space for Kaavia? He [said] ‘no. I’m going to move you go to time out. Kaavia you can come here.’ ” In addition to the video, the caption read, “Lemme tell you bout the time they didn’t wanna make a lil space for your girl to play. Long story short, WE don’t play. Also known as “mess around and find out” #ShadyBaby.”

As fans viewed the post, many mainly Kaavia James’ internet aunties–jokingly expressed they were ready to pull up and address the situation.  

“No Kaav, we gonna need names and location. Who dare say no to you? Internet aunties, we ride at dawn.”

“Taking my hoop earrings off. Internet Auntie enroute. No worries Shady Baby, you will have plenty of space soon.”

“Give me their address because they must not know about your internet aunties. We don’t play with our Kaavia.”

“Ummm do we need to pull up?!”

As fans viewed the post, many — mainly Kaavia James’ internet aunties — jokingly expressed they were ready to pull up and address the situation.

Among the previous remarks, others mentioned how all of Kaavia James’ stories are always in the third person. One wrote, “Nahhh, this kid is special. All her speeches are on third person. Lurrr you Kaav.” Another said, “Love her third-person stories lol.”

A third person wrote, “She mostly speaks about herself in the 3rd person.”

Despite the frenzy Kaavia James’ story caused on social media, it is unclear if the internet aunties actually pulled up.

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