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‘The Man with All the H8ers’: Russell Wilson Seems Unbothered By Channing Crowder’s Recent Comment While Having Date Night with Ciara  

When Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara shared that they were enjoying a night out on June 7 they appeared unfazed by “The Pivot” podcast host Channing Crowder and his latest round of jabs at Wilson.

Crowder faced massive backlash months ago after he shared his opinion on Wilson and Ciara’s relationship and questioned her type in men while calling the Denver Broncos quarterback a “goofball,” “lame,” and “square.”

The Man with All the H8ers': Russell Wilson Seems Unbothered By Channing Crowder's Recent Comment While Having Date Night with Ciara ?
Russell Wilson and Ciara enjoy a night out. @dangerusswilson/Instagram

So when Crowder was a guest on “The Breakfast Club” on Monday he addressed the scrutiny he faced over his comments about Wilson. On mark 9:21, when Charlamagne Tha God asked the former Miami Dolphins linebacker if he takes back his comments, Crowder responded, “Not at all. Not one bit.”

Despite not regretting his actions, Crowder did, however, admit that he did take back the comments he made about Ciara and Wilson’s family.

He said, “I did creep in the g code, locker room bringing up Ciara and why they’re together. Actually, Fred [Taylor] and R.C. [Ryan Clark] they got on me like, Bro, you know, saying she wants her peace. You know you can transition, go to different situations.’ … So bringing up Ciara and bring up that man’s family, I take that back.”

As Crowder continued his explanation, he went more in-depth about why he called Russell a square. The 38-year-old stated as he recalled past videos Wilson made, “Have y’all seen Russell’s videos? You’ve seen ‘Mr. Unlimited?’”

Channing added, “I don’t know why so many people were so mad at my opinion that Russell Wilson is a square and a lame.”

A moment later, Ryan Clark jumped in and backed up Channing’s claims of why Wilson is considered a square by mentioning a past clip of the football player discussing the Black Lives Matter movement.

On mark 11:53, Ryan said, “I also agree that he [Wilson] is square. I think the thing that frustrated me is like now people are coming at us like you can’t say anything about it because of the couple.”

He continued, “I had the conversations with people, which I love being able to those conversations. I was like, look in 2016 when Michael Bennett’s walking off the stage in a Black Lives Matter shirt and they asked Russell Wilson, he says police lives matter, and everybody lives matter course, Black Lives Matter.”

Channing Crowder, Ryan Clark and Fred Taylor
“The Pivot” co-hosts Ryan Clark (Left) Channing Crowder (Center) and Fred Taylor (Right) address Crowder’s viral comment about Russell Wilson. Photo:@breakfastclubpower105.1fm/YouTube

Ryan said Wilson’s speech didn’t sit well with him because he felt the community needed a well-known public figure “to be strong.” He wrapped up his conversation by saying despite Wilson’s changing his stance in 2020 after giving a speech during the ESPYs. He still felt like Wilson was a square. 

He said, “In 2020 like things change, your mind change. You are married to a Black woman, and you have Black kids. So now those things are important, in 2020, he gives this impassioned speech on the ESPYs. That’s cool right, but for me, somebody who’s the same way in ’16 and white people calling me racist, and then in 2020, I’m getting calls every time I get off a TV that my voice is needed that is square to me.”

After the interview circulated online, Wilson shared a post on his Instagram page featuring Ciara. He wrote, “My Always & Forever. Mommy & Daddy. @Ciara.” The singer commented, “My Baby Boo. I love date nights with you.” 

As fans viewed Wilson’s upload, many brought up “The Pivot” podcast host’s interview. One individual claimed that it was apparent that Wilson caught wind of the hosts’ remarks

“The man with all the h8ers.”

“Here comes Future’s boyfriends about to cry in the comments”

“You can tell he heard that podcast.” 

“Don’t let the podcast dudes see this. They will swear it’s corny to go on a date with your wife.”

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