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‘Chileeee as If Future the Prize’: ‘The Pivot’ Podcaster Channing Crowder Receives Backlash for Accusing Ciara of Being with Russell Wilson for Money   

From the day Ciara and Russell Wilson confirmed they were together in 2015, many deemed the pair to be relationship goals.

Some fans even asked Ciara for the particular prayer she used to get with Wilson following her high-profile relationship with Future, whom she shares a son with. The singer dated Future from 2013 to 2014. Since then, Ciara and Russell ultimately started a family following their wedding in 2016.

Channing Crowder receives backlash from fans after resurfaced clip from his YouTube series “The Pivot” talking about Ciara and Russell Wilson’s relationship goes viral. Photo:@officialchanningcrowder/Instagram

All was well until April 2, when a resurfaced clip from Channing Crowder’s YouTube series “The Pivot” went viral. In the video, the podcaster claimed that Ciara wouldn’t have been with the Broncos’ new quarterback if Russell weren’t financially stable.

In the video that was originally shared on March 27, he said, “Russell and Ciara. Yeah, If Russell didn’t have that bread Ciara ain’t going to be with him. Russell’s square…Ciara, she has a good situation but you going to leave Future and get with Russell Wilson.

During Channing’s rant, his co-host Fred Taylor jumped in and stated, “Women want peace.” Following Taylor’s remarks, the former Miami Dolphins player mentioned that he felt strongly about the situation because Russell isn’t Ciara’s “type,” given her dating history.

While referring to Russell as a square, Channing said, “Everyone has a type. You are going to leave Future and get with Russell Wilson. He’s so godd–n square, and I love him on the field. He’s a square. He’s a f–king square.”

Toward the end of the video, “The Pivot” co-host Ryan Clark shared his two cents on Channing’s comments. Clark pointed out that Ciara appeared to have wanted a form of stability following the “level of toxicity” she encountered when dating Future.

He said, “Channing you go from this level of toxicity. You just want something stable. You want the guy that was sitting with that girl with that big old mouth at the draft that was laughing and you knew she didn’t deserve to be with him.”

Channing closes the video by calling Russell a goofball, “Goofball. You want to get with goofball.” As the clip from “The Pivot” began circulating on social media blogs, including The Neighborhood Talk, many praised Russell while mentioning that Future wasn’t a prize despite Channing vouching for the rapper.

On Instagram user even claimed that Ciara leveled up after getting with Russell because she was tired of Future’s “games.”

“Chileeeee as if future the prize.”

“Future is not a flex to brag on. Her worth went up, & She got with a man to fit it.”

“I mean maybe she was tired of Future childish a– ways of thinking and moved on to a man who could level her tf up!!! The man brought her damn masters for her! Future would NEVERRRRR.”

“Future was NEVER THE PRIZE! She got with a REAL man.”

Immediately after Channing’s comments went viral, the 38-year-old shared a photo of Russell’s draft pick. Ciara and Russell have had no further comment on the discussion.

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