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‘Disgusting’: Cardi B. Confirms Joe Budden Allegations of Colorism and Discrimination in NYC Clubs 

Cardi B. is the latest rapper to weigh in on the Joe Buddeninitiated discussion surrounding colorism and discrimination in the New York strip club scene. 

Earlier this week, the rapper-turned-podcast maven called out adult entertainment clubs for their lack of diversity among their performers. “Joe Budden Podcast” host called the establishments out for simultaneously “not hiring Black women” and “purposely hiring the SAME exact girl.”

Disgusting': Cardi B. Confirms Joe Budden Allegations of Colorism and Discrimination in NYC Clubs?
Joe Budden (L) and Cardi B (R). (Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for REVOLT, Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Not long afterward, Cardi B. appeared to confirm Budden’s allegation, citing her own experience as a former dancer while responding to a Twitter post. The “WAP” rapper shared that certain clubs wouldn’t let her work on Latin Night because she “didn’t look Spanish enough” and referred to her older clip on social media discussing clubs and colorism. 

Singer K Goddess also backed up the emcee, writing, “She’s definitely tellin the truth,” before adding that this happens “a lot” in clubs, but primarily at those in the NYC area. “It’s crazy how people on the internet will try to tell you about your own experiences,” she added. 

Cardi encouraged the star not to “argue” and “people only wants to comprehend when it’s convenient,” adding, “Only way they will comprehend if is they actually come here to a NY club.”

The issue seemed so crucial to Budden that he shared on Twitter that he was willing to start  “a war with NY strip clubs,” noting, “but only because I care.”

“NY strip clubs, not only are you not hiring Black women, but you’re purposely hiring the SAME exact girl,” the cultural commentator wrote on Instagram along with a photo of fair-skinned dancers from the former Cheetahs Gentlemen’s Club & Restaurant. “Your promoter having a type is gonna lose y’all money this Summer.. this is disgusting (not the girls, the optics),” he added.

Several people have since chimed in, the majority of whom agreed with the “Pump It Up” emcee’s criticism — thought he received push back from a few, including former rapper Waka Flocka who ordered Budden, “Man [shut] yo soft ass up,” in response to a post that was re-shared on Akademik’s Instagram page. 

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