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‘I Didn’t Even Recognize Her’: Raven Symoné Loses More Weight and Fans Say She Looks Like ‘Her Old Self’  

Raven Symoné  appeared unrecognizable to some fans on May 31 after sharing a video of the flak she’s been hit with by social media users since returning to Disney Channel for her hit show “Raven’s Home.”

“Raven’s Home,” which is currently in its fifth season, is a spinoff of her Disney Channel 2003 series “That’s So Raven.” In the TikTok post, Symoné expressed how she would respond to negative comments from the public and private standpoint. 

Raven Symoné’s fans claim the star looks unrecognizable after losing more weight following her recent TikTok post. Photo:@ravensymone/TikTok

The video starts with the remarks Symoné — who is wearing an all-white ensemble — received over time. It read, “Comments: “Ooh I’m telling Disney.” “You ruined my childhood.” “You got old.” “She’s still relevant.” 

In the next clip, Symoné claimed that although she would publicly ignore the negative comments, her brain would do otherwise. 

The 36-year-old said her mind would list her professional and personal accomplishments, including a three-decade career in the entertainment industry and getting married to her wife, Miranda Maday. 

The caption read, “My Brain… 36 years in the game and people can’t handle the truth that imma do what makes me happy…. Wifed up, stacked up, and [minding] my own DAMN business….”

As the recording circulated online, many brought up how good Symoné looked following her weight loss. 

Raven Symoné fans say that the actress looks like her old self. Raven today (L) and Raven in 2003 (R) Photo:@ravensymone/TikTok, Matthew Peyton/Getty Images

“She look good. Getting back into her essence.”

“She looks like her old self here.”

“She lost that weight and put them cuts in her eye brows she looking good.”

“She looks amazing.”

Raven Symoné today (L) and Raven in 2004 (R) Photo:@ravensymone/TikTok, Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Among the previous remarks, others pointed out that they didn’t recognize Symoné. One wrote, “Wait a minute, this Raven??? From Disney channel?” Another wrote, “I didn’t even recognize her.” 

Last June, Symoné disclosed one of the ways how she lost weight was by participating in a 48-hour fast. Since then, no additional details surrounding her weight loss have been revealed.

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