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‘You Know It’s Real When They Call You Your Name’: Fans React After Ciara’s Husband Russell Wilson Rushes the Singer as She Gets Her Perfect Shot 

They may constantly be in the spotlight, recognized by many followers as a perfect high-profile pairing. Still, Ciara and Russell Wilson recently showcased that they’re like any normal couple; this after the singer was rushed by her husband for taking too long.

Ciara and Russell, who have been married since July 2016, are currently in Europe. Their last known location was in Monaco. 

?You Know It?s Real When They Call You Your Name?: Fans React After Ciara?s Husband Russell Wilson Rushes the Singer as She Gets Her Perfect Shot?
Ciara’s fashion post goes left after her husband Russell Wilson rushes her. Photo:@ciara/Instagram

In the Instagram upload, Ciara, who wore a patterned, multi-colored mini dress with heels, was seen posing in front of a full-length mirror in what appeared to be their hotel room as Russell informed the 36-year-old that it was time to leave. 

The Denver Broncos quarterback said in the background, “Come on, man, we got to go.” As Ciara continued to try to capture the perfect shot, she replied, “Okay.” Russell added that he feared the couple would get kicked out of the hotel room for presumably checking out too late. 

“People gon’ kick us out,” he said, with Ciara replying, “No they not.” As he noticed that the “Goodies” vocalist didn’t move an inch, Russell ended the clip by jokingly telling his wife, “Ciara, bring your a–.”

In addition to the recording, Ciara noted in the caption that she managed to get the shot she wanted despite being rushed by Russell. She wrote, “When he rushing you…But you know tha shot worth it. #GetThaShotByAllMeans.”

As the video circulated online, many social media users were hysterical over Russell’s reaction to Ciara’s antics. A couple of fans brought up that Russell “meant business” after he called his wife by her first name. 

“It’s the end part you know it’s real when they call you your name.”

“It’s him saying “CIARA” he meant business.”

“It’s her saying “k” and still standing there (laughing emoji). Then the end “Ciara, bring yo a–.”

“He said her government name, he’s ret ta GO lol.”

“Whew if this ain’t me. He said “Ciara bring yo ahhhh on” when he use your name he is over it.”

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