‘What a Precious Moment’: Marjorie Harvey Shares Video of Steve Harvey Spending Time with Their Grandkids

Steve and Marjorie Harvey regularly share photos and videos of their blended family of seven children on Instagram, including their seven grandchildren. Steve’s son, Jason, has four children with his wife Amanda, daughters: Rose and Joey and sons Ezra and Noah. His daughter, Morgan, shares two children with her husband, Kareem Hawthorne: daughters Elle and Marley. And his oldest, Karli, shares a son, Benjamin “BJ” Raymond, with her husband, Ben Raymond. The other Harvey children include Lori, Wynton, Broderick and Kali’s twin, Brandi.

Marjorie gave her 2.7 million followers a glimpse inside their blended home life on Saturday, May 28.

What a Precious Moment': Marjorie Harvey Shares Video of Steve Harvey Spending Time with Their Grandkids
Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie pose while on vacation in Dubai. (Photo: @marjorie_harvey/Instagram.)

In a short clip, Grandpa Steve playfully hugged Rose and Elle tight as he pretended to be a wizard granting all of his granddaughter’s wishes. In a disguised voice, he said, “Rose…I have no idea what you’re talking about. I can’t grant the wish if I don’t know what you mean.”

The girls asked for “unicorns that will fly” and Steve replied, “Granted.” They also asked for “mermaids that can swim in the water,” but their grandad said, “I only have mermaids that lay on countertops.”

After Rose and Elle persistently asked, the talk show host said, “Mermaids don’t swim in the water ’round here. Well in Atlanta, Georgia, they don’t have that here. We have bass fish, big mouths, small mouths. We have crappie and grim.”

Fans in the comments were left in tears after hearing the comedian’s responses, but most touched on how he embraces his granddaughters.

“What a precious moment shared by Marjorie as Steve embracing his granddaughters…amen to this @marjorie_harvey.”

“Seeing this makes me so happy.”

“Hilarious. No mermaids but trout and other fish lol”

“He is so funny… how lucky are those beautiful girls.”

“I’m literally watching Steve H motivational video right now and this pops up on my IG..the grand babies are beautiful.”

Many said they appreciate the “Family Feud” host for appearing to cultivate a special bond with his grandchildren as most grandparents do. “Hold them and hug them, tight Grandpa,” wrote one person, while another said, “Doing what Grandpa’s do. Grant wishes.”

A third social media user said, “Omg they must love him to pieces.” A fourth person commented on Marjorie’s laugh in the video, “@marjorie_harvey it’s your giggles for me! Black love and families matter!!!”

However, one individual asked Marjorie to push the “Kings of Comedy” star to return to standup with jokes about his family and career. That person asked, “Mrs. Harvey, can you ask Uncle Steve to come out of retirement and give us a standup centered around family situations that have happened and memorable moments from his career starting with being a talk show host?!?! @marjorie_harvey.”

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