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‘Looks Just Like Mom and Beautiful Princess All In One’: Ray J’s Dedication Post for His Daughter Melody Has Fans Seeing Double 

Singer Ray J wished his daughter Melody a happy fourth birthday on Instagram with a picture and video montage on May 23, and fans noted Melody’s strong resemblance to both his mother and his wife.

The “Melody” singer set the montage to Stevie Wonder‘s “Happy Birthday” and captioned the post, “My everything!!! My heart, my sunshine and soul!! She turns 4 today! I wanna wish my little baby girl a happy 4th birthday! @melodylovenorwood.” 

?Looks Just Like Mom and Beautiful Princess All In One?: Ray J?s Dedication Post for His Daughter Melody Has Fans Seeing Double?
Ray J and his daughter Melody on Instagram. @rayj/Instagram

The comment section was flooded with birthday wishes for Melody from friends and fans of the singer’s. Former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Nene Leakes replied to the post and wished the 4-year-old a happy birthday. “Happy Birthday pretty girl,” she wrote. Rapper Dusty Locane also wished Melody a happy birthday. “Happy birthday princess,” he wrote.

Several fans also noted the birthday girl’s resemblance to her mother, Princess Love and Ray J’s mom, Sonja Norwood.

“She stole @princesslove whole face,” wrote one fan. “She’s so beautiful. Looks just like your mom and beautiful princess all in one,” replied one fan. “Cutenesssssss overload,” added another fan followed by heart emojis.

Another fan also noted the little girl’s resemblance to her grandmother. “Awwwwww! Melody is your mother all over again!” 

“Happy Birthday baby girl,” replied another fan.

The singer also shared a picture of his mother on Instagram on May 8, He captioned the post, “#happymothersday to the best mom a son could ever have! – Thank you for being my 3rd eye! I can talk to you about anything. You’ve always tell me when I’m wrong or right. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me! I’m so blessed to have you as my teacher!! I love you so much momma!! I’m proud to have you as my mom!!! #happymothersday @sonjanorwood.”

?Looks Just Like Mom and Beautiful Princess All In One?: Ray J?s Dedication Post for His Daughter Melody Has Fans Seeing Double?
Sonja Norwood and Ray J on Instagram. (Photo: @rayj / Instagram)

Ray J also shared a Mother’s Day post on Instagram on May 8 thanking Love for being a great mother to Melody and their 2-year-old son, Epik.

“#happymothersday@princesslove – You have been the best mom to Epik and Melody!” he said. “You’ve dedicated your life to our kids! It’s so amazing to see all the positive lessons you teach them and how focused you are on making sure they are safe and smart. I’m so happy you chose me to be their father. I appreciate you everyday! And I love you forever!”

Love responded to the post by saying she loved Ray J also and thanked him for fathering her children. “I love you! Thank you for making me a Mommy.”

The couple married in 2016 but have filed for divorce three times since taking wedding vows. The “One Wish” singer last filed for divorce in October. However, rumors of the couple’s reconciliation began soon after, and the singer recently shared a post on Instagram about being thankful for his beautiful family.

“So blessed! God makes no mistakes! – My journey lead me here and I wouldn’t change it for the world. – I’m so thankful for my family. You are my everything! @melodylovenorwood @princesslove @epikraynorwood.”

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