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‘Face Card Never Declines’: Fans Zoom In on Tammy Rivera’s Skin 

Tammy Rivera put her acting skills to the test on May 20 after sharing a dramatization of a possible event that occurred in her life. 

In the Instagram clip, the 35-year-old is seen reenacting a moment when she and her friends talked and made fun of their horrible exes. The video’s caption read, “When you laughing and clowning your friends about their horrible [exes]…. And one of them say well b—h, what about ya baby father.” 

?Face Card Never Declines?: Fans Zoom In on Tammy Rivera?s Skin?
Tammy Rivera’s dramatization video derails when fans bring up her glowing skin. @tammyrivera/Instagram

The recording takes a turn when one of Rivera’s friends brings up Brian Williams, the father of her teenage daughter Charlie Rivera. Rivera responded by mouthing the lyrics to Black Sherif’s 2021 single, “Kwaku the Traveller.”

She said, “Of course I f–ked up, who never f–k up? Hands in the air, no hands? Still I can’t believe it, you know what I mean. I was young. What you expect from me? It is what it is.” As fans viewed the upload, many ignored the video’s message and solely focused on Rivera’s skin. Some of the social media users’ comments complimented Rivera’s glowing appearance.

“Listen my friend drop that skin care routine thank you. “

“It’s the skin for me always been a natural beauty.”

“Face card never declines!”

“Every time I see your face I am in awe of how beautiful you are like sheesh.”

“Your skin (fire emoji).”

In addition to the previous remarks, others shared their own experience after dealing with a similar encounter that Rivera referred to in the video. One wrote, “Goodness knows Queen I start giving the side eye.”

Another said, “This be me lmao like b–h I’m the ONLY one allowed to clown myself don’t play with me.” A third person stated, “Once they mention the baby daddy, I don’t even wanna play no more because I didn’t know no better sis.”

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