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‘So You Came Up with a New Hairstyle’: Tracee Ellis Ross Debuts a New Look and Fans are Eating It Up 

Tracee Ellis Rossmane became the center of attention on May 18 after the actress debuted a new look.

While details surrounding Ross’ location or the purpose behind the look were limited, that didn’t stop her from serving face.

?So You Came Up with a New Hairstyle?: Tracee Ellis Ross Debuts a New Look and Fans are Eating It Up?
Tracee Ellis Ross shows off her latest hairstyle. Photo:@traceeellisross/Instagram

In the Instagram post, the 49-year-old is seen wearing a coat in a shade of brown while posing for the camera. Ross sported a braided hairdo that appeared to be all wrapped up in a bun. The “black-ish” star’s makeup consisted of a full face with orange eyeshadow, blush and a nude lip. 

As fans viewed the upload, many flooded Ross’ comments section with compliments. Several individuals mentioned her new hairdo. 

“Hairdo right and tight.”

“So you came up with a new hairstyle? I like it!”

“Love the braids and makeup perfect!”

“My gurl!!!! Love it! The fashion sense is unbelievable!!! The shadow color is everything!!!”

Among the positive remarks, others pointed out how beautiful Ross appeared in the photos. One wrote, “WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL???” Another said, “Ahh! The exotic beauty of a woman. It’s natural and radiating.”

A third person posted, “You are so beautiful to me.”

This post comes weeks after Ross gave fans a view of her voluptuous curls after sharing a stream of photos. The star was seen posing in various angles in what appeared to be a black bra.

In 2019, during an interview with Coveteur magazine, Ross shared the importance of taking care of one’s hair while promoting Pattern, her hair-care brand.

She told the publication, “Your hair is an extension of you. And like you, it can defy gravity. It is way more than any circumstance or limitation, and if you honor it, meet it where it is, nourish it, and spend time getting to know and understand it, the world is your oyster.” 

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