‘Hair Hair and More Hair’: Tracee Ellis Ross’ Mane Leaves Fans Speechless

Big hair don’t care!

Since the start of her career in the late 1990s, Tracee Ellis Ross has been known for at least four things: her acting talents, her fashion choices, being Diana Ross’ daughter and her big hair.

Tracee Ellis Ross’ hair became the main attraction in her latest beauty post. Photo:@traceeellisross/Instagram

On May 2, the 49-year-old, who wore what appeared to be a black bra, gave fans a glimpse of her natural tresses as she posed for a series of images. As many viewed the caption-less upload, fans flooded Ross’ comments section with hair remarks. 

“Hair, hair, and more hair.”

“Tracee has the best hair!”

“You are a beauty, your curls are a dream.”

“Your hair is gorgeous!!!” 

“I love how you embrace your wild self, especially your hair!”

Tracee Ellis Ross Photo:@traceeellisross/Instagram

Among the hair comments, others raved over Ross’ beauty. One wrote, “This woman here is the epitome of beauty.” Another said, “That lighting! These photos are gorgeous, Tracee!”

In the past, Ross has been transparent about her relationship with her natural hair. In 2020, the actress disclosed the struggles she faced growing up with curly hair in a post titled “A Tale of Textures.”

She said, “My hair has played many a role throughout my life. When I was a teen, I didn’t understand it so I tried everything under the sun to make it do what I thought it should. The results were not great. Namely, it was fried. But, once I began listening to my hair and started figuring out what it liked, my true curl pattern emerged. By the time I made it onto Girlfriends my hair was healthy and POPPIN. But as I have grown and matured my texture has evolved.”

During the upload, Ross also shared how her hair has changed as she’s aged. This includes, she shared, her hair strains turning gray and hair texture becoming loose because she’d dyed it numerous times.

Ross wrapped up the post by sharing the importance of loving oneself. “And while I’m not ready to embrace the gray just yet,” she said, “I’m sure that will be exciting when I do! I’ve always said that my journey to self acceptance can be chronicled through my journey with my hair. Taking the time to accept, understand and love my hair mirrors the relationship I have with myself. I have grown to love and appreciate my hair in all of its seasons. Because hair love IS self love.”

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