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‘Come Thru Auntie Trace’: Tracee Ellis Ross’ Wardrobe In Her Italian Vacation Photos Will Make You Envious of Her Timeless Styles

Actress and fashionista Tracee Ellis Ross has done more than inherited her mother’s amazing sense of style.

On July 2, the “black-ish” star wowed her 11.2 million followers on Instagram with a carousel of a few of her jaw-dropping looks during a recent summer vacation in Europe.

She shared glimpses of her fabulous life, including her stunting in a yellow zebra-print bathing suit while sitting on a yacht with the deep blue water and lush green hills as her backdrop.

Tracee Ellis Ross’ new vacation photos have fans enthralled about her fashion choices. (Photos: @traceellisross/Instagram)

In other photos, the 50-year-old can be seen in an oversized white Oxford shirt and sequined shorts. One of her most adorable looks is a black T-shirt and red bag over a long white dress that featured three rows of intricate floral stitching across the bottom.

“In Vacanza | En Vacances,” she captioned the post with emojis featuring the flags of Italy and France.

Fans flooded Ross’ page to comment on how cute she looked, particularly one image of her posing in pink culottes that captured a pigeon as it was flying by.

One asked, “Was that bird a paid actor?  you look amazing,” while another said, “The timing of that pigeon in the second image is impeccable.”

Most of the comments celebrated the “Girlfriends” star and her carefree, effortless style.

“I love your content. And you look amazing as always.”

“Come Thru Auntie Trace.”

“Vacay Tracee is a vibe.”

“Hahahahahahha you always kill me girl and looking beautiful as always.”

Ross’ humor came out in one of the slides, which included a video of her joking about her hopping on one of three Lamborghini vehicles.

“Rose, get in my car, meet you guys there,” she jokingly said to a friend as she walked over to a green Lambo. “Don’t have the keys.”

“I don’t have the keys,” she continued before Rose suggested, “Maybe it’s in the other one.” Next, Ross strolls over to a yellow one and then declares that neither one is her car and that she will have to go further up to a child with a ball to find her ride.

Ross has repeatedly proved that her style is unmatched and unlike any other. She’s known for making headlines all year round, with many fawning out over her wardrobe choices.

In regard to her fashion selections, Ross was honored as a style and fashion icon at the 2020 People’s Choice Awards.

A few months ago, fans were complimenting a stylish suit she wore with heels that only covered a few of her toes. “Nobody is touching you when it comes to the fashion darling,” wrote one fan in her comments.

Ross was recently spotted at Paris Fashion Week, where she sat front row next to Cardi B at the Schiaparelli Haute Couture show. She wore a glamorous cream and blue set outfit from the Italian fashion house.

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