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‘Let Something Jump Out’: Mo’Nique Shares Hilarious Moment During Her Nature Walk After Being Tricked By Friend

Academy Award-winning actress Mo’Nique shared another hilarious workout video on Instagram as she exercised near a wooded area on May 16. The comedienne is preparing for her upcoming shows in Philadelphia and Detroit.

Mo’Nique shared the video on Instagram on May 2 and captioned the post, “Hey my sweet babies. COME AROUND THE CORNER WITH ME!!! @dwightholtjr @blessed.humble YALL had me!!! Where did we come out? See y’all at the shows [heart emoji] MAY 27th PHILLY @ KESWICK THEATER MAY 28th DETROIT @ FOX THEATER I LOVE US 4REAL.”

MAY 11, 2022 — Screenshot of Mo’Nique in a video shared on Instagram. (Photo: @therealmoworldwide / Instagram)

The video begins with Mo’Nique explaining she was about to walk into the unknown as she walked along a secluded road.

“Hey my sweet babies. So, once again, we’re out here doing our walk, right, and today we have baby girl with us. So, I’ve got my baby boy and I’ve got my baby girl,” she said. “And if y’all are looking behind me, we don’t know what’s around that corner, OK? WE DON’T KNOW WHAT’S AROUND THAT CORNER,” she clapped.

She invited the audience to accompany her in her quest as she sang “Come around this corner with us” along to the melody of “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain.”

After her friend said the comedienne could wake something sleeping the woods with her singing, she said, “Let something jump out, do you hear me? I’ma have the speed of Flo Jo. I’ma have the speed Amalita. I’ma have the speed of Tamara Fuller. I’ma have the speed of greased lightning.”

As the “Precious” actress came around the bend in the road and saw a locked fence, she joked, “So listen, we comin’ around this corner, and this is when you know yo’ ass don’t belong. There is a locked fence. And that should be the key and the clue to take your ass home.” She picked up some rocks for protection before her friend pretended to see something, prompting Mo’Nique to turn and run.

Friend and director Lee Daniels replied with a laughing-crying emoji. Fans were also rolling after viewing the video and responded in the comment section.

One Instagram user replied, “YOU GO FIRST, MO! LOL!”

“Nawl WE don’t go nowhere that looks unfamiliar,” said another fan followed by laughing-crying emojis.

“Uh no ma’am,” declared one fan. “Why y’all in the woods [laughing-crying emoji].” Another added, “And if you see something moving in the bushes y’all betta run!”

“She made me jump when she started running, don’t scare us like that auntie,” said another fan. “It was the running part for me,” echoed another.

“It’s scared singing for me,” noted one fan. “That’s right Mo’ Nique, if it don’t look right take flight!”

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