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‘We Don’t Know What the Lord Has for Me’: Tamar Braxton Responds to Rumors That She and Ex David are Back Together Years After Their Public Breakup

Tamar Braxton has opened up about being single within the past several months while sharing risqué posts

The singer’s most recent ex was businessman David Adefeso. The pair began dating in 2018, and ultimately split two years later in 2020, after an alleged domestic dispute took place in his car. 

Tamar Braxton and David Adefeso (Photo): @tamarbraxton/Instagram

Since then, no additional information regarding the former couple’s current relationship status has been revealed; that was until May 11. In an Instagram live, Tamar, who was hanging out with her sister Trina Braxton, responded to reconciliation rumors during a Q&A session with fans. 

While answering the questions, Tamar greeted an Instagram user that was also named David at mark 5:19 of the talk. Following the interaction, her sister Trina quipped, “No more Davids for you.” Tamar quickly shot back, “We don’t know what the Lord has for me. I welcome whatever the Lord has.” 

Despite Tamar’s reaction, Trina continued to stand firm and reiterated her previous response. She said, “He don’t have any more Davids for you.” Tamar wrapped up the conversation by telling Trina that she doesn’t know what the future holds. 

Later in the live at mark 16:29, the “Love & War” vocalist revealed that she and David are not back together. She stated, “David is amazing, but we don’t go together.” 

We Don't Know What the Lord Has for Me': Tamar Braxton Responds to Rumors That She and Ex David are Back Together Years After Their Public Breakup
David Adefeso paid tribute to Tamar Braxton on Mother’s Day. Photo:@david.adefeso/Instagram

The event that fueled reconciliation rumors was David’s Mother’s Day post. In the upload, David featured a photo collage and separate captions for the women he deemed important in his life. The list included his mother, his sisters and Tamar. 

For Tamar’s caption, he wrote, “Thank you for teaching me how to love. And through all life’s challenges, growing together to become best friends.”

Tamar responded by saying, “Thank you @david.adefeso I’ve learned so much from you also… and I’m so grateful. God is so good.”

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