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‘Literally Young Wayne and Young Nip’: Lauren London’s Sons Shock Fans with Uncanny Resemblances to Their Famous Fathers  

Lauren London has fans seeing double!

The actress, who is seldom active on social media, posted a photo of her two sons on Mother’s Day. Kameron, 12, is seen adoringly embracing his younger brother, Kross, 5.

?Literally Young Wayne and Young Nip?: Lauren London?s Sons Shock Fans with Uncanny Resemblances to Their Famous Fathers??
Lauren London’s sons Kameron, 12, and Kross, 5 Photo: Lauren London/Instagram

“Beyond honored to be your mothership. King Kam [and] Kross The Boss,” she captioned the photo. Fans flooded London with “Happy Mother’s Day” wishes, with many noticing and pointing out how much each of the boys resemble their fathers

London shares her eldest son with rapper Lil Wayne, whom she previously dated in the early 2000s. The “Games People Play” actress shares her youngest son with her longtime boyfriend, the late rapper Nipsey Hussle. From looks alone, fans lament there would be no way to mistake who the boys’ fathers are.

“Them kids look just like they daddies.”

“Literally Young Wayne and Young Nip.”

“Lil Wayne all in that boy face lawd! Copy and PASTE YA HEAR ME?! Lol.”

“He looks EXACTLY like Nipsey he’s so handsome…may Lauren continue to find peace & may Nipsey continue to rest in paradise.”

Other comments praised London for guarding her private life. “So beautiful and I love how she’s so private and not in drama.” Another person wrote, “Respectable and honorable mom!!”

Fans also noted the iconic status of both Lil Wayne and Nip was present in the photo. “She got baby legends!” and “Something about this legendary man,” they wrote. Last year, the “ATL” actress commemorated the day by sharing a photo of herself all smiles as her sons stood alongside her. 

London seldom shares moments of her personal life. However, since Nipsey’s passing in 2019, the actress has shared posts with candid captions of her navigating grief. London also tatted a portrait of her late beau on one forearm, on the other is a tattoo of a note Nip once wrote her. Speaking about the ways in which she keeps the “Hussle Man” rapper’s legacy alive at home, she said the tattoos are significant not only for her, but also Kross. 

“It’s one of the reasons why I have Nip’s notes on my [left] arm and his portrait on my [right] arm. It’s not always for me. It’s for my son to always see his father,” said Lauren during an April 2021 interview with “Entertainment Tonight.” “You know, my son says every time he sees his mom, he sees his dad. Nip is very much alive in our household. He’s aware. He acts very much like his father.”

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