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‘She’s Not Well. It’s a lot Going on In Wendy’s Life’: Sherri Shepherd Responds to Wendy Williams Comments About Her New Show

Much has changed since Wendy Williams was last seen on her self-titled daytime television series and after it was confirmed that she was suffering from complications due to Graves’ disease. During that time, many celebrities have filled in as guest hosts, such as comedian Sherri Shepherd, who has since announced the launch of her own show. That announcement seemingly didn’t fit well with Williams, who has come forward to say she won’t be tuning in. 

During a recent interview with rapper Fat Joe, the veteran talk show host admitted that although she is fond of the former “The View” co-host, she is firm in her boycott of the upcoming series. “I like her, but I won’t be watching her,” she told the rapper, citing, “I know what she’s going to be doing, and that’s really not my thing.”

?She's Not Well. It?s a lot Going on In Wendy?s Life?: Sherri Shepherd Responds to Wendy Williams Comments About Her New Show
Sherri Shepard (L) and Wendy Williams (R). Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images, Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Shepherd, who’s debunked rumors in the past that she was essentially trying to take Williams’ place, caught wind of the star’s comments and addressed them during an Instagram Live session over the weekend. She made it clear that “I’m not mad at Wendy; she’s going through a lot. I would say that everybody should be praying for Wendy right now,” before adding, “I’m very concerned.”

She continued, “I’m really truly concerned about her because I don’t feel like there’s anybody over there protecting her, and it’s really hard when there’s no protection around you, and you just have people hanging on, but I’m not mad at Wendy because she won’t watch my show.” The 55-year-old then quipped, “I already got a broken shoe. I can’t take on any more stress right now.”

When a commenter asked whether she thought Williams was “bitter” in the aftermath of her struggling health, Shepherd quickly squashed the claim, citing the star’s health. 

“She’s not well. It’s just a lot going on in Wendy’s life,” Shepherd said before detailing several headline-making difficulties Williams recently dealt with, including her financial battle with Wells Fargo. “You’re trying to operate with your bank accounts frozen. She is saying she only has $2 even though her account is frozen…” she noted before bringing up the star’s recent divorce. 

“She’s by herself. It’s not like she’s got her husband Kevin [Hunter]. She’s by herself. The only person that she has that’s taking care of her is her 21-year-old son Kevin Jr., and he’s 21,” she added.  

Shepherd highlighted how difficult that may be on the young man who’s also currently attending college and reiterated that Williams was not well and “has a lot going on in life that this is where you need your friends — where you need your family.” She noted, “All I can do over here is pray for Wendy.” 

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