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‘Where You at Again?’: Chad Johnson Vacation Video Derails When Fans and His Fiancée Sharelle Call Him Out for Mispronouncing the Location 

Chad Johnson‘s dedication post to his fiancée Sharelle Rosado quickly turned into an educational one when many questioned the football player’s pronunciation skills.

The commotion began when Johnson, who is currently vacationing with Rosado and their infant daughter in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, pronounced the city he was staying in as Punta Canada.

Where You at Again?': Chad Johnson Vacation Video Derails When Fans and His Fianc?e Sharelle Call Him Out for Mispronouncing the Location?
Chad Johnson’s vacation video has fans in shambles after he mispronounced his location. @chadjohnson/Instagram

In the Instagram post shared on May 5, Johnson is seen smoking a cigar as he raved over Rosado, booking him a trip to the Caribbean after being a “stay-at-home-father” to their 4-month-old daughter Serenity Johnson.

He said, “Fellas, I’m out here in the D.R. My baby done booked a trip to the D.R. We out here in Puta, Canada… It’s beautiful out here. I ain’t be there. I ain’t never been to Punta. But her knowing I’m a stay-at-home father, stay-at-home dad and understanding the toll it can take on you mentally.”

The 44-year-old added while listing the duties he’s completed, “Late nights, changing pampers and diapers. It’s been very emotional for me. Ups and downs like a roller coaster of sorts. Just for her to have a thought to get me away you know with this economy. With inflation and knowing the way I am being fiscally responsible I wasn’t paying for it. I had no problem staying home in Miami, gaming and just being a father. 

Johnson wrapped up the video by mentioning this is the life he manifested. “Very thoughtful of her. I’m appreciative and I manifested this.” Alongside the clip, the former Bengals wide receiver wrote in the caption, “Thank you to my baby @sharellerosado_ for allowing me a chance to reset mentally & recharge. I love you.”

Following Johnson’s upload, Rosado took to the comment section and expressed in a joking manner how annoyed she was with him. She said, “I can’t stand him.”

As fans viewed the post, many shared Rosado’s frustration as they poked fun at Johnson’s pronunciation of the city Punta Cana. 

“Chad where you at again? PUNTA CANADA?” 

“Punta who?”

“He done created a whole new island …. Punta Canada.”

“Punta Canada…..whyyyyy are you Iike this????”

“Wait…say where now Ocho???”

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