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‘It’s the Energy for Me’: Fans React After Chad Johnson Gives His Fiancée Sharelle Tips on Posing Perfectly for a Photo 

Chad Johnson has found ways in the past to ensure that his fiancée Sharelle Rosado looked her very best on social media. The list included doing her makeup on a budget and helping the reality star get her figure back following their birth first child.

Johnson’s March 22 post is no different. In the Instagram upload, the former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver is seen instructing Rosado on how to get a perfect shot taken.

Chad Johnson give his fiancée Sharelle Rosado pointers on taking the best photos. @ochocinco/Instagram

He told the luxury real estate broker, who wore a romper accessorized with a hot pink clutch, “I’m just taking a picture. Turn sideways. Let me take the picture sideways. Yes.” Things began to take a turn after Rosado became slightly annoyed by Johnson’s antics while stating, “Babe take the picture.”

Johnson then advised the “Selling Tampa” star to turn her clutch in the right direction so that the bag’s label would be seen on camera. The 44-year-old said as Rosado followed his commands, “You got to flip the purse and let the gold [show]. Yes. You have to hold it on top. Yes, that’s how you hold your clutch. Right in the middle. Ready? OK, I’m snapping. Now turn sideways.”

Johnson wrapped up the clip by praising Rosado. Alongside the video, Johnson expressed in the caption that he was teaching his fiancée the proper way to pose with a bag. He wrote, “Teaching my baby @sharellerosado_ clutch etiquette.”

As fans began to view his post, many raved over Johnson’s love for Rosado.

“It’s the energy for me!!”

“We love Ocho and the way he loves his Bae #blacklove.”

“I love how you love her…. beautiful.”


Among the “love” remarks, others claimed women worldwide need a man like Johnson in their lives. One wrote, “Every woman needs a man like this! He cares about the shot and the accessories! YESSSSS.”

Another said, “Every woman needs a man with a little bit of @ochocinco sprinkled in them, yes @sharellerosado_ you gotta winner.”

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