‘Dayummm Tia!!!!’: Tia Mowry’s Post About Womanhood Derails When Fans Zoom In on the Star’s Revealing Attire 

A Whole Lotta Woman!

Tia Mowry dedicated her time on May 4, to shed light on what it means to be a multifaceted woman.

Tia Mowry shares the importance of acknowledging how beautiful it is to be a woman. Photo:@tiamowry/Instagram

In the Instagram post, the actress, who was posing in black lingerie with a white robe in what appeared to be her bedroom, expressed in the caption that being a woman means having endless layers, which included, from Mowry’s perspective, being soft, sexy, powerful and dominant. 

She wrote, “One thing I love about being a woman is that you don’t have to be one-sided! We as women have so many different facets to who we are and it’s so beautiful. We can be soft AND sexy or powerful and dominant – or anything in between!”

Mowry wrapped up her statement by reminding her female followers to remember how incredible they are. “It’s magical how layered we are, ladies! So just remember that – we really are INCREDIBLE.” 

Tia Mowry Photo:@tiamowry/Instagram

As fans viewed Mowry’s upload, many steered away from the star’s topic about womanhood and solely focused on her appearance.

“Missy is showing out!!”

“It’s the confidence for me .”

“Dayummmmm Tia!!!”

“Such a beauty.”

In addition to the previous remarks, others brought up what Mowry’s message meant to them. A couple of individuals thanked the “Family Reunion” star for her words of wisdom, while one social media user shared the positive effects of accepting one’s qualities of being a woman.

One wrote, “Thank you for this beautiful message/reminder about our beauty and power as women and the different sides we have that should be celebrated!” Another said, “Thank you because sometimes we forget. You are an Amazing individual.”

A third person wrote, “Yassss when we embrace ALL that we are, every aspect of our BEING, we can truly give/shine our greatest light! When we receive, we can give to others truly from overflow!”

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