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‘Somebody Come Get These Kids!!’: Tia Mowry Shares a Video of Her Son Cree Roasting Her Feet

Tia Mowry proved to her millions of followers how children have no filter, following a recent post with her son, Cree Hardrict, and daughter, Cairo Hardrict.

In the Instagram upload shared on April 23, the 43-year-old had a casual conversation with her kids when the discussion shifted to her high-heeled shoes. Tia said, as she pointed to her toes, “Kids tell you the darndest thing, or kids will tell you the truth.”

Tia Mowry shares a video of her son roasting her feet in high-heeled shoes. Photo:@tiamowry/Instagram

As the video continues, Cree inaudibly points out how squished his mother’s feet look in the heels and his 3-year-old sister Cairo says, “Funny, funny.” Tia later disclosed in the video what her son meant. She explained, “He said, ‘Mommy it looks like you’re in pain because your feet looks squished.'”

Tia added, while informing Cree about the wonders of heels, “But I’m going to tell you something, this is what your feet look like when you are wearing high heels.” 

The video ended with the 10-year-old making a disgusted face as Tia laughed. Alongside the recording, the “Family Reunion” star wrote in the caption, “When your own kids grow up to roast you… Ya’ll, somebody come get these kids!!”

As fans viewed Tia’s post, many expressed that they agreed with the actress’ remarks about children roasting their parents. 

“Kids can drop some shade real quick.”

“When you want the truth, just ask your children indeed.”

“So true they definitely rain on ya parade lol just when you feeling ya self.”

“It be yo own kids man.”

In addition to the previous comments, others solely focused on Cree’s facial expression after learning the truth about heels. One wrote, “Lol his face when he realized that’s how feet look like in high heels.” Another said, “He’s like yea your crazy for wearing high heels. The judgment was all over his face.”

A third Instagram user replied, “His face said, ‘but why would you wear them if that’s how your feet look inside?’ “

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