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‘Perfect Mix of Both Parents’: Tracee Ellis Ross’ ‘Copy and Paste’ Images Featuring Her Parents Have Fans Considering Which One the Star Resembles More 

Over the years, many have claimed Tracee Ellis Ross strongly resembles her mother, legendary singer and actress Diana Ross. But on April 20, the “black-ish” star appeared to have shifted fans’ opinions after sharing separate collages of her parents, including her father, Robert Ellis Silberstein.

Ross created the collages in honor of National Look Alike Day. National Look Alike Day is an annual event where individuals honor those they share similar features with. In Ross’s Instagram post’s first photo, the 49-year-old uploaded throwback images of herself and her mother. 

Tracee Ellis Ross creates a photo collage of both of her parents for National Look Alike Day. @traceeellisross/Instagram

The second image — which was in black-and-white — showcased a side-by-side snapshot of Ross and her father. Ross captioned the upload, “It’s the copy and paste for me. #nationallookalikeday.”

As fans viewed Ross’ post, the vast majority expressed the idea that the actress resembled both of her parents. 

“Perfect mix of both parents.”

“You’re a good mixture of both parents”

“You got the best features of both. Gorgeous.”

Tracee Ellis Ross and her father Robert Ellis Silberstein. (Photos: @traceeellisross/Instagram)

“Perfect combination of mom and dad!!”

“Of course I see your mom in you, but your dad played his part as well. Boom.”

Among the comparison remarks, others pointed out the specific features Ross inherited from each parent, including her mom’s eyes and dad’s nose. One wrote, “Mom’s eyes and Dad’s nose…and it’s put together very nicely!”

Another said, “Those genes were like wait… let’s throw a little dad in there, here’s his nose, other than that, you are your mother all the way.” While complimenting Ross, a third Instagram user stated, “Mom’s eyes, dad’s nose. You’re beautiful, Tracee.” 

This post comes weeks after Ross and her sisters Rhonda and Chundney Ross commemorated Diana Ross’ 78th birthday by wearing “Straight Outta Compton”-inspired T-shirts that read “Straight Outta Diana Ross.” 

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