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‘Now See This is About to Start Some Mess’: Shereé Whitfield Shares Her Thoughts on Whether Phaedra Parks Should Return to ‘RHOA’  

In 2017, Phaedra Parks had her peach revoked from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” after admitting to falsely creating a story against her co-stars Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker. Details surrounding the rumor included the couple allegedly wanting to drug and sexually assault Porsha Williams.

Since Parks’ firing, Burruss has adamantly stated in numerous interviews that she would leave the franchise if and when Bravo Network decides to bring the attorney back on the show.

In an interview with Carlos King, Shereé Whitfield expresses how she feels about Phaedra Parks ever returning to “RHOA.” Photo:@thecarlosking_/Instagram

On April 29, Burruss’ co-star Shereé Whitfield disclosed her thoughts of Parks ever returning to “RHOA” following the season-nine blowout. When asked by the series’ former producer Carlos King if it’s fair that one person should have control over what the network decides to do, Whitfield said, “No I don’t.”

The 52-year-old added that she did invite Parks to a fashion show recently but Parks seemed to decline the offer because Burruss was also attending. “I actually invited Phaedra to the fashion show too. One of the things she says she like ‘Well, is Kandi going to be there?’ My thing is, you said I’ve been on this show many times, many years, with people I did not get along with. I have been in situations that I was uncomfortable with. I have talked about heavy things that I have going on in my life.”

Whitfield wrapped up her remarks by saying although she loves Burruss, she feels that the Xscape singer should acknowledge that they are filming a reality show, and sometimes it results in being placed in uncomfortable positions.

She explained, “We are here to do a reality show and as much as I love Kandi I feel like at the end of the day they should or she understand that this is for the show. We can’t be [like] ‘I don’t want to talk about that.’ It’s not cool so we can’t do it. It’s for the betterment of the show. We all have been uncomfortable and talked about s–t that we don’t want to talk about.”

When Whitfield’s comments began circulating online after being promoted on Carlos King’s Instagram page, many fans’ opinions regarding the situation were split. Some mentioned that Parks’ rumor could have ended Burruss’ career and ruined her reputation. At the same time, several agreed with Whitfield’s comments

“It’s a difference between shade and trying to ruin someone’s reputation! I don’t blame Kandi .. sorry.”

“No way! Y’all love mess and drama. But that was wayyyyyyyyyy over the line and could’ve ruined everything @kandi has worked for. It was a blatant lie.”

“There have been all sorts of wild allegations about everyone on the show from marriages, finances, people sexuality, and etc which could have all ruined and affected people live in a negative way so what is so different about this incident? @shereewhitfield was right.”

“I agree 100% Hell Phaedra was more entertaining anyways. All Kandi does it talk about her businesses which I think is used for promotions and not to mention over freaking rated. #SoBeatIt.”

Among the mixed reactions, one social media user wrote that Whitfield’s comments regarding the subject could possibly cause a rift between her and Burruss. That person said, “Now see this bout to start some mess between Sheree and Kandi.”

Burruss has yet to respond to comments from Whitfield’s interview.

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