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Kandi Burruss Willing to Give Up Her Peach if It Means She Doesn’t Have to Deal With Phaedra Parks Coming Back to ‘RHOA’

Kandi Burruss has said that there is no chance of a reconciliation between her and former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Phaedra Parks. And now, she’s warning that if Parks comes back to the show, she’ll give up her peach altogether.

The singer made the admission to HollywoodLife on Thursday, March 21, when she recounted the potentially reputation-damaging rumor Parks spread about her on season 9 of the hit Bravo reality show.

“There’s only been like one year that I had to kind of like question if [the show] is really worth it,” Burruss said of Parks spreading a rumor she heard that her co-star desired to drug and rape fellow peach holder Porsha Williams in Burruss’ supposed sex dungeon. “Obviously it was that year when the whole craziness with Phaedra happened, you know. So that was the only year that I kind of questioned it, because I was like, OK, this is too much.”

Parks confessed to her role in the rumor during the emotionally charged reunion in 2017 saying she “repeated it because I heard it.”

“Do y’all know people would was under my comments saying #KandiAKABillCosby? Do you think that s— is f—— cool?” Burruss tearfully shouted. “Y’all know how much I care about my business and my brand. We throw shade, whatever. But drugs? … Drugging somebody while drinking and taking them home is rape. Y’all accused me of being a f—— rapist. That is crazy.”

Speaking to HollywoodLife, Burruss, who said she hasn’t heard from Parks ever since,  accused the attorney of “attacking” her “character.”

“I just think it’s kind of crazy when you don’t even realize you’re in a battle with a person to the point where they would make up stuff about you,” she said. “I wouldn’t even ever known she was doing that had Porsha not told it at the reunion.”

If Parks came back to the show, Burruss said she “wouldn’t be dealing with it” acknowledging she does not have any say in casting decisions. But personally, the singer said she’d leave the show if Parks got a peach again, HollywoodLife reported.

For Parks’ part, she has made it clear she has no desire to come back to “RHOA.” She told Us Weekly last August that she has “closed that chapter” and she’s “moved on to new things.” Yet in the same interview, she gave a glimmer of hope that the door is not totally closed for good.

“I never say never, but you know, I’ve moved on to greener pastures,” she said.

Meanwhile, fans have been weighing in on Burruss vow to leave the reality show she’s been a part of since season 2. Many said they would rather have Parks in the performer’s place.

“Bye! Please bring Phaedra back!”

“I like Kandi but would love to see Phaedra come back. So bye Kandi!”

“✌🏽 Kandi”

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