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‘Kav Is a Character’: Gabrielle Union’s Daughter Kaavia James Casually Drags the Actress After Debuting This New Look 

Shady baby strikes again!

Gabrielle Union proved on April 27, that bringing work home may not be the best idea with an opinionated toddler at the house.

Gabrielle Union’s daughter, Kaavia James Union Wade, inspects and shades the actress’ new look., Photo:@gabunion/Instagram

In an Instagram post shared on both Union and her daughter Kaavia James Union Wade‘s accounts, the actress sported a hairpiece she had to wear for an undisclosed project. 

The clip starts with Kaavia James inspecting the wig as she says, “I’m just rubbing your hair, Mommy.” Union responded by asking her daughter if she liked the hairdo. She said, “You like it?” Kaavia James replied, “yeah.”

As the recording continued Union began to question the 3-year-old about whether she liked the hair because it looked different. Kaavia James quipped, “um, no.” She added, “It just looks like wig hair.”

In response to the tot’s wig comment, a stunned Union said, ” ‘Oh, the wig hair. It looks like the wig hair.’ “

When an unidentified person entered the room, Kaavia James told the individual about Union’s new look. She said, “My mommy has hair … Look at this, my mom’s hair.”

The unnamed woman responded, “I like your mom’s hair; it’s got texture.” The clip ended with Kaavia James repeating the word texture as she caressed Union’s locks. Alongside the video, the caption read, “When you wear your work wig home. @kaaviajames really basically said, ‘well bless your heart’ #Texture.” 

As fans viewed the post, many expressed that Kaavia James is very honest in any given situation despite her young age.

“At this point she need her own show Kaav is a character.

“Damn it’s the honesty these lil people have for me.” 

“Gotta love Kav the shadiest of them all.”

“Baybay Kaavia James gone say what she say and do what she do and we’re all here for it.”

“Honesty will never be a problem for her. Love her.” 

This isn’t the first time Union fell victim to Kaavia James’ subtle but blunt remark. In March, the toddler made it her duty to inform her mother about her dental hygiene when shooting a video with Union.

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