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‘Her Personality is Everything’: Dwyane Wade’s ‘CrossFit’ Video with Kaavia James Left Fans Praising the 3-Year-Old 

Over the years, Dwyane Wade‘s daughter Kaavia James Union Wade has won the hearts of many, leading to countless viral moments. What has attracted fans to the toddler’s posts is her nonchalant attitude toward everything and her contagious personality.

So it came as no surprise when individuals were raving over Kaavia James’ impromptu CrossFit workout with her father. In the Instagram clip shared on April 15, the 3-year-old is seen doing sprints on the couch before dropping her entire body on the furniture.

Kaavia James Union Wade participates in a casual CrossFit workout instructed by her father, Dwyane Wade. Photo:@kaaviajames/Instagram

The video begins with Dwyane, who is lying on the opposite side of the couch, instructing Kaavia James as she sprints. He says, “Get up, get up. Quickly, quickly.” The 40-year-old added, as Kaavia James dropped her body on the furniture, “Sunday morning training.”

Throughout the video, Kaavia James is seen repeating the same exercises. The clip ends with Kaavia viewing the recording on a cell phone and laughing. The caption for the post in the parent-run account read, “How y’all be looking at CrossFit. Burpees?!?!? More like BUMP THAT. #shadybaby.”

As fans began to view the upload, many expressed in the comments section how much they loved Kaavia James’ personality.

“She is a whole vibe.”

“Her personality is everything.”

“This is sooooooo funny! Its the way she curls up when she drops for me.”

“She’s a whole personality and vibe she’s going big places.”

“This gives me sooo much joy. Her little laughs are soo contagious.”

In addition to the previous remarks, an Instagram user mentioned how Kaavia James inherited her funny genes from both of her parents, Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union. That particular individual wrote, “You guys are hilarious and the fact you guys have a little mini funny version of you two put together, I am done.”

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