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‘He Doesn’t Give Any Moment to It’: Garcelle Beauvais Speaks on Her And Jamie Foxx’s Decision to be Friends Over Lovers 

Garcelle Beauvais is certain the chemistry between her and Jamie Foxx is best kept in the friend zone. 

For five seasons, fans of “The Jamie Foxx Show” were smitten by the cat-and-mouse chase between Fancy and Jamie, Beauvais and Foxx’s respective characters on the show. In real life, the two actors were equally aware of the connection they shared, but with a hit show on the line, neither was willing to risk pursuing a romantic relationship while filming. 

Garcelle Beauvais and Jamie Foxx Photo: @garcelle and @iamjamiefoxx/Instagram

Now, more than 25 years since the show ended, questions still linger from fans and industry peers as to why the on-screen lovers never dated. While appearing on “Access Hollywood” on April 20, Beauvais said the reason is simple : a shared respect for their friendship.

“I love him so much. I really feel like had we had something back in the day we would be friends that we are now. I’ve seen him grow into this amazing man, amazing father,” the cast member from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” said. She added that Foxx has been a consistent source of support throughout the years — something she doubts would have been feasible had a failed romantic relationship tainted the possibility of a long term bond.

When gearing up to promote her book, “Love Me As I Am,” Beauvais shared the Oscar winner was more than willing to lend her a helping hand. “I just called him and I said, ‘Will you do this video for me?’ ” His response: ‘Yeah. How soon do you want it?’ Like, but he’s just that way.” She continued, “When I was doing my documentary, my short about sex trafficking, and I called him and I said, ‘I’m going to need some funding,’ and he was like, ‘how much do you need?’, and I go, ‘Jamie I don’t want you to pay for the whole thing.’ Like you know what I mean, he’s just that guy. He’s really great.”

But as great as their friendship is, Beauvais shared the one area of her life that Foxx is less than enthusiastic about is dating. With nearly three decades of memories between them, it would seem as though Foxx would be the perfect person to help Beauvais find her perfect match. In reality, that has not been the case. 

“No, he wouldn’t do it,” she said. “Every time he meets someone I’m dating he’s like, ‘I don’t like ‘em.’ He doesn’t give any moment to it. Foxx echoed those sentiments two years ago when appearing on Beauvais’ podcast “Going to Bed With Garcelle.”

“I hate them all,” Foxx joked. “I think me and you should have been together. So every time I see them, I’m like, ‘D—n. I f—ed up.’ So every dude, I give them a really s—y look.”

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