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‘He Can Actually Hold Some Notes’: Fans are Left Shocked After Hearing Russell Wilson Singing ‘And I’ Alongside His Wife Ciara 

Last week, Ciara showcased she was more than a talented entertainer and businesswoman after gracefully flaunting her footwork while running football drills with husband Russell Wilson at the White House. The couple and their family visited the residence during the Easter holiday.

On April 24, Russell became the center of attention after Ciara gave fans a glimpse of what the pair did to occupy their time waiting to meet with U.S. President Joe Biden.

Ciara shares a video of her and husband Russell Wilson singing an a capella version of her hit song “And I” at the White House. Photo:@ciara/Instagram

In the Instagram post, Ciara and Russell sang an a cappella version of the 36-year-old’s hit song “And I.” “And I,” released in 2006, was a single on Ciara’s debut album “Goodies.” In one of the two clips, the couple was seen singing the track’s chorus and the second verse. 

Ciara said as Russell joined in with background vocals, “And I, know that he won’t break my heart. And I know that we won’t never part. It’s time, time for us to settle down and I want to be with him forever. They can say that I am crazy for making him my baby but that’s how it gon’ be. See, I done been through many changes but this one I ain’t changing.” 

The second video included the couple singing the chorus again, but this time Ciara and Russell failed in an attempt to vocalize the bridge. The recording showcased Ciara bursting into laughter because of the constant eye contact she and Wilson made while singing the song. 

In addition to the post, Ciara wrote, “Moments in the White House with @DangeRussWilson when waiting for the President #HappySunday #AndI.”

As fans viewed the upload, many praised Russell for his ability to hold a note while singing with Ciara.

“Go Russ! He can actually hold some notes.”

“Vocals. Ok Russell why did he sound tf good tho!!”

“Come on Russell with the background vocals!!!”

“Ok Russell with the baritone vocals…when the collaboration album dropping.”

“My dawg wit da background vocals though do a track Russ lol.”

Among the compliments, others pointed out how surprised they were that Russell knew the lyrics to Ciara’s song. One wrote, “It’s Russell knowing all the words for me.” Another said, “It’s him knowing the words for me.”

While gushing over the couple, a third Instagram user posted, “Love This song! Love them! Love the way he knows all the words and backing her up.”

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