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‘Footwork Queen’: Russell Wilson’s Football Video with Wife Ciara Has Fans Impressed By Her Skills

It appears that Russell Wilson may have rubbed off his football talents to his wife Ciara after a video of the singer demolishing a drill at the White House went viral. 

Wilson has played in the league professionally for 10 years after being drafted to the Seattle Seahawks organization in 2012. He remained with the team until their 2021 season. In early March, it was reported that the 33-year-old was traded to the Denver Broncos. Wilson and his wife confirmed the claims a few weeks later, on March 16, on their respective social media accounts. 

Ciara amazes fans with her football skills while running drills at the White House. Photo:@dangerusswilson/Instagram

On April 18, following the family’s visit to the White House during the Easter holiday, Wilson shared a clip of the sporting activity he, Ciara, and Future Wilburn participated in. In the video, the Broncos quarterback tossed the football to Ciara. 

The “Level Up ” singer is then seen running swiftly through the cones and making a touchdown. After her score, Ciara put her best foot forward as she did her victory dance. The recording ended with Wilson and Wilburn tossing the football around.

Wilson captioned the post as he nicknamed his wife the Footwork Queen, “Football. The Griddy. Family. No Shoes. And A Bunch of Laughs. @Ciara #FootworkQueen.” As the video circulated online, many complimented Ciara’s skills. A couple of individuals went as far as to suggest that the National Football League give the singer a contract. 

“Give her a Contract.”

“Hey @nfl get this woman a contract! @ciara moves better than half the players in the league.”

“Her griddy was clean af.”

“Ciara got quick feet.”

“Ciara low key fire with the footwork.”

In addition to the praise, others pointed out Ciara’s “footwork” stemmed from her abilities of being a trained dancer. One wrote, “@ciara is a skilled dancer, and people with dancing skills make for the best wide receivers because of that footwork and coordination.”

Another said, “You better sis! No surprise there. You’ve always had the moves.” A third user wrote, “And this is why dancers make the best athletes. Agility is our strong suit. Go off, Cici!”

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