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‘It’s Not Enough American Artists Shedding Light on Africa’: Rick Ross Plans to Sign Two African Artists to Expand MMG Label

After a recent vacation to Africa, the Biggest Boss Rick Ross wants to expand his successful music empire into another continent. The CEO of Mayback Music Group has decided to support the vibes and artists in Africa and expand his label there. The label houses Ross, Meek Mill, Wale and others. In a video online, Ross explained that the idea came to him while he visited the continent Easter weekend.

“I just woke up here on Easter, and I just wanted to share love and just want to rep,” he said. “I feel like it’s not enough American artists shedding light on Africa, supporting African artists, so what I wanted to do was just wake up, and I’ma go out in the city today. I’ma go out in the slums, I’ma go places that the police don’t even want to go, and I’ma just show love.”

Rick Ross hints at expanding his MMG label to Africa. (Photo: @richforever/Instagram.)

He continued, “I want to start by showing love to everybody in my family. Everybody that’s been repping Rick Ross, MMG, Bel-Aire, Bumbu, McQueen, Villon, all the real brand ambassadors, I want to shout some of y’all out. I’ma start with Hamisa, Valery Ayena, Stanley Enow, Blanche Bailly.”

The 45-year-old shouted out other African artists in another video, adding that he would sign two artists to join his MMG roster.

“After being in Nigeria the other night, I saw so much talent and so many fly artists and dope performers that it’s official,” Ross said. “Maybach Music Africa, Rick Ross will be signing two artists. Better believe it from parts of Africa, so let’s stay in touch, let’s build.”

Rick Ross shared other videos from his trip to Nigeria on Instagram. While there, he hosted his Bel-Aire Wine & Spirits event and after-party in Lagos and ate Jolly rice for the first time. Other clips show the Florida native walking through villages with locals in Angola. “Africa the beautiful,” Ross captioned one series of photos.

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