‘That’s Not Daddy, Mommy’: Gabrielle Union Shares Her Daughter Kaavia James’ Reaction to Seeing the Actress with a Different Man In New Film

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade‘s daughter Kaavia James Union Wade had won the hearts of many with her shady remarks and demeanor.

Kaavia James, whose nickname is Shady Baby, rose to fame as an infant for her unimpressed facial expressions that later became viral memes. Because of their daughter’s instant popularity on social media, Gabrielle and Dwyane expanded her brand by trademarking the names “Shady Baby” and “Kaavia James” in 2019, which ultimately led to the release of the children’s book “Shady Baby” two years later.

Gabrielle Union shares a video of her daughter Kaavia James Union Wade’s reaction to her new film “Cheaper by the Dozen.” Photo:@gabunion/Instagram

On April 7, Kaavia James proved to her followers that she is indeed a daddy’s girl. In the Instagram post that was shared on both Gabrielle and Kaavia James’ respective accounts, the toddler conversed with her mom as they watched Gabrielle’s film “Cheaper by the Dozen.”

The clip started with the actress scrolling on her phone when Kaavia James pointed out that Gabrielle was on their television screen. She said, “Look at this, mom.” When asked who was on the TV, Kaavia James replied, “my mommy,” as a scene from Union’s movie played in the background, featuring her co-star Zach Braff.

Things begin to shift when Gabrielle jumped in and asked Kaavia James if her father Dwyane was in the film. She said, “That’s not daddy, mommy.” The recording continued with Kaavia James disclosing she wanted to be in a movie with Dwyane. “I want to be in a movie with my dad,” she said.

Toward the end of the video, Gabrielle began asking Kaavia James a series of questions, including if she wanted to do a different movie and if they were going to cast another person for the mom role.

The 49-year-old said, “You’re going to do a different movie? ‘Cheaper By the Dozen 2’ that’s going to star you and your dad with a different mom?” Kaavia James replied while staring at Gabrielle, “yes.” The clip closed out with a gasping effect following the toddler’s response.

In addition to the post, Gabrielle jokingly mentioned in the caption how she and her co-star Zach may be in “danger” because of Kaavia James’ love for her father. She wrote, “@kaaviajames don’t play about her Daddy! @zachbraff we in danger girl. #CheaperByTheDozen.”

As fans viewed the upload, many brought up Kaavia James’ reaction to watching her mother’s film, which prompted the idea of a future project with her father.

“She said you ain’t the only one who can go get a new family.”

“She said well if you gonna replace us with that dude and those other kids, we can do it too.”

“Just love her that’s not Daddy Mommy lol and since she didn’t get her shine she’s getting a movie with Daddy!”

“She said if you can make movies with a different family then she and D Wade gonna do the same thing.”

“Kav said 2 can play that game. If you can have a new family then so will we.”

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