‘What Did I Do to You?’: Kandi Burruss Responds to Reported Shade from Nene Leakes About ‘Kandi & The Gang’ Ratings

Viewers have been more than critical of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss and her latest spinoff series, “Kandi & the Gang.” The series gives fans an inside look at Kandi and her husband Todd Tucker’s family-owned restaurant OLG. It stands for “Old Lady Gang,” with the OLG reference representing Kandi’s mother, Mama Joyce and her aunts Nora and Bertha.

Many had a lot to say about the show’s low ratings, including Burruss’ former co-star Nene Leakes, who reportedly shared some shady remarks about Burruss. The Shade Room captured a photo of Leakes’ retweets, including one that suggested “Housewives” stars were publicly refuting claims she made about the Bravo series.

(Photo: @theshaderoom/Instagram)

About 10 minutes into an interview with “Pop Culture, Burruss said he didn’t understand why the star of Bravo’s “I Dream of Nene: The Wedding” was being so shady.

“OMG what are the ratings on her show? I don’t want this to be a big shade-throwing contest between her and I because just like she can throw shade at me I can throw shade at her,” she said. “But my whole thing is I do not understand why she does that. Back when she did have a show…me and her wouldn’t be on the same page and I still would be posting, telling people to watch her show. Just because that’s just how I am.”

The reality star added that she also doesn’t understand why Leakes and her fans feel like she stopped her from “doing something.” She said, “What did I do to you? What is my show stopping you from doing? Nothing.”

She said she noticed fans of Nene Leakes in the comments saying things such as, “That could have been Nene show.”

The 45-year-old questioned why no one had issues when other “Housewives” who had spinoffs. She noted Kim Zolciak’s “Tardy For the Party,” “Porsha’s Having A Baby” and “Porsha’s Family Matters.”

“Why it always got to be me?” she said. “Why she always tryin’ to make it seem like I stopped? How did I stop it? Other people have shows, not just me.”

The mother of three went on to say that her “RHOA” co-stars don’t pitch their show ideas as she does. 

“We pitch our shows. A lot of them don’t pitch shows. A lot of them think, ‘I’m so great that Bravo should just throw a show in my lap.’ That is not what I do,” she said. “Me and my husband, we come up with these ideas, and we pitch them. Sometimes, the network is for it; sometimes they aren’t. Everything we do does not get picked up.”

Regarding “Kandi & The Gang,” she said, “People love to talk about how our first-week ratings weren’t as big as they needed to be. But the one thing that y’all also didn’t notice is our other show, ‘Kandi’s Wedding,’ was over 2.4 million viewers.”

According to Burruss, her “Xscape: Still Kickin’ It” spinoff averaged over 1.7 million viewers regularly, and “Kandi’s Ski Trip” averaged 1.4 million “on a regular.”

She added, “My reality shows are the highest-rated spinoffs of the other people who had them. So you know, don’t play me like, ”Why she got’?’ Because, I work for it, y’all.”

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