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‘How Is Nene Winning?’: Fans Call Nene Leakes Out for Seemingly Shading Kandi Burruss’ New Spin-off 

The feud between two veterans from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Nene Leakes and Kandi Burruss spans over a decade. The two have had their share of ups and downs since Kandi joined season two of the Bravo series in 2009. Their most recent fall-out occurred during the virtual season 12 reunion of “RHOA,” which resulted in Leakes’ decision to depart ahead of season 13.

And just when you thought things were sweet, the drama comes reeling back in. On Tuesday, March 8, fans noticed Leakes responded to a shady tweet about the singer-songwriter’s newest Spinoff, “Kandi & the Gang,” which aired Sunday, March 6. The post revealed the series premiere’s low ratings, pulling in just under half a million viewers. It was shared with Leakes’ famous quote, “You can never win when you play DIRTY. Stay woke!”

Nene Leakes revealed she was not returning to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” before season 13. (Photo:@neneleakes/Instagram.)

About “Kandi & The Gang,” one person tweeted, “I refuse to watch, for so many reasons. And I’ve always believed Nene, she is missed.”

Leakes subtly responded to the fan with two words, “Thank you.”

However, many are confused and surprised by Leakes’ separate tweet, “Listen…… YOU ALREADY KNOW,” with a crying emoji.

Those who had mixed feelings began stating their pick for who wins in a battle over the best housewife.

One person tweeted, “Nene wins!!! Everything she said about Kandi is right! All of that conniving and sneaking behind the scenes, and she still can’t produce. Always number 2!”

Meanwhile, most began to call out the 54-year-old for hating on Burruss, who’s managed to secure a spinoff for her family business/restaurant Old Lady Gang.

“How is Nene winning? This is Kandi’s 3rd Spinoff. You sound crazy. Kandi is the OG now — more season than all.”

Bravo aired four “RHOA” spinoffs around Burruss’ career and life, including 2013’s “The Kandi Factory,” her five-part wedding series, “Kandi’s Wedding,” and “Kandi’s Ski Trip” a year later. “Xscape: Still Kickin’ It” was based on the reunion tour of the popular ’90s group Burruss sang in, Xscape.

Another person noted Leakes’ role in the “College Hill” reboot on BET+. According to The Jasmine Brand, it will focus on successful well-known celebrities that didn’t finish or got to college, such as Ray J, rapper Dream Doll and New Orleans’ Big Freedia.

The person wrote, “How does NeNe win when she is not 1 or 2? She is actually on a knockoff BET show (College Hill). Who’s production has always had a reputation for being low budget and ghetto. Ummm, I’m sure she didn’t get a mil from Tracey Edmonds like she did from Bravo…”

Rooting for Nene Leakes, one person wrote, “I hate how people attach iconic to housewives. Let’s be real Nene is the true ‘iconic’ housewife.”

Another said, “Nene will always be my favorite ‘HW.’ She is why I started watching any of the ‘HW’ shows…”

Yet, some offered a different perspective, suggesting that Leakes’ tweet was a reference to one of Big Freedia’s most-used catchphrases, “You already know.”

The person tweeted, “Don’t overthink it y’all. It’s a shoutout to Freedia.”

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